Truth vs. Answers

Ask others for answers, ask yourself for truth.



Nobody is trapped in any “system.” The only “system” one can be trapped in is one we build ourselves. If you feel trapped, then leave. It’s quite simple.

Some might say “But what about money? My possessions? Friends? Family? My home?” You mean all the things making you feel trapped? All the things that are part of the system you built? If you feel trapped, then leave. It’s quite simple.

Go with YOUR flow.



In order to be in control one must give up control.

Events will happen when they happen. One cannot force things to happen. Going with YOUR flow means giving up control of your thoughts and actions. Stop thinking, stop questioning, just start doing.



is just as you are.



There is no truth. Even we ourselves are not true because our bodies are constantly moving with time. Our atoms are always vibrating (I.E moving), meaning we are always change.

Truth cannot be measured, unlike lies which can be counted.

The only one truth is that we are here, now, in this moment and constantly changing. 


Good & Bad

We are equal parts hero and villain all the time.

Sometimes, we’re just more overt about it. We can be a villain to the homeless person we pass on the street when we don’t give them money, or we can be a hero to the grocery store clerk with whom we paid a compliment. A hero to some is a villain to others and vice-versa.

There is no universal “good” or “bad.” Nobody is perfectly good or perfectly bad.


Change is Consistent

From each breath to each heartbeat to each passing moment, we are changing every second every day. We’re impermanent, just as everything is, from our thoughts and emotions to each movement we make.


Giving Up

One of the most difficult parts of meditation is giving up your self.



It’s ok to experience fear, worry, doubt and other so called “negative emotions.” They make up the musical symphony of our energy and frequency as well. The idea is to accept all emotions are happening when they happen.

When one attempts to fight or avoid these emotions, they will push back. It’s prolonging these feelings. By accepting all emotions that pass through you, you are accepting all parts of yourself.



Everyone absorbs different information differently. One person might enjoy reading a book called “The Mathematics of Doors” while someone else might enjoy “The Canterbury Tales.” But we have to remember to keeps our brains on and listen to all information and experiences. The moment we dismiss anything, be it a Christians view of the world to a mathematician espousing on the quadratic equation, we are dismissing part of the moment we are in. We at least need to hear all information and come to our own conclusions. And guess what? People may come to conclude things differently than the way you see/perceive them.

Some information that is right for some people may not be right for others because we are all different. We are absorbing the information that is relevant to our piece of the puzzle. Some people may agree with you, and that’s wonderful, but that doesn’t mean you are right or wrong.


Love & Fear are One

At their essence, love are fear are irrational.

Unwavering and unconditional love is irrational because it means one continues to support and cherish people (and other things) no matter  how much shit and pain said people (or things) cause. It’s smiling at danger and pain. Unyielding and incessant fear is irrational because it means one continues to hide or run despite there being there being no signs of danger. It’s staying inside on a sunny, cloudless day because one is afraid of being struck by lightning.



Only those seeking help can help themselves. There will always be people who are struggling to get by in life. And we will help guide them when we can, but we cannot view help as a duty &/or purpose.

That is more than a full full time job in and of itself.


True Feeling

Feelings are always true.

They’re what you’re experiencing at the moment you are experiencing them.

They are truth.


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