May We

Accept ourselves.


May We Learn

to accept what is as it.



Just being is chaos.

We are never completely still. We are comprised and condensed atoms, as is all life. Atoms, by their very nature never stop moving. Therefore we are always moving. The earth is continuously hurling through space at 490,000 miles per hour. We are continuously moving and vibrating.

Chaos and stillness are one.


Mantra for the World

Sleep with peace and dream with hope. Love, learn and heal always.



Death is birth.
Birth is life.
Life is an idea.
An idea is sacred.
Sacred is creation. 



All Creation is sacred. This includes ideas, not just life.


Looking Ahead

Most of the decisions we make are based on looking ahead;

to class,
the afterlife,
the next fiscal year,
at what’s for dinner tomorrow?
what about that meeting tomorrow?
what if a meteor crashes into my apartment?
where am I tomorrow at 8pm?
hope I don’t get caught.

Along the way, many of us have forgotten to honor our lives, as they are right now.


Quote from Buddha

Wanted to share this quote with everyone:

“Any teaching [said the Buddha] should not be accepted as true for the following ten reasons: hearsay, tradition, rumor, accepted scriptures, surmise, axiom, logical reasoning, a feeling of affinity for the matter being pondered, the ability or attractiveness of the person offering the teaching, the fact that the teaching is offered by “my” teacher. Rather, the teaching should be accepted as true when one knows by direct experience that such is the case.”




If one doesn’t trust themselves, then there’s no way one can trust others.



All people are on this planet to teach each other. Some might prove their lessons to be hurtful, depressing, harsh, confusing, etc, but we learn from those as we do from the warm, electric, joyful, foolhardy, hopeful and copacetic ones.



To sit in stillness is usually the best way to listen, from conversation to your own heartbeat.



Sometime’s, there’s nothing to do or think. And that’s ok.

But our mind likes to trick us into thinking we should be doing something. Sometimes, there is NOTHING TO DO OR THINK, other than sit in silence.


Mind Obstacle

Often, our own mind is biggest obstacle. It says many things like, “You’re depressed” or “You’re so popular.” And we believe it, because it’s our mind. Why would it lie?

And while our mind is speaking, we forget all about our soul/spirit/light (whatever you want to call it) because it doesn’t say a damn word, just lets us be.


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