To Let Go

To continue moving through this world, we must not be afraid to let go of anything we grab hold of, including friends, ideas (like love and social class for example) and even your self.

Grabbing hold of anything means you aren’t moving forward. When you grab hold of anything you are doing so with an intention of being at least partially immobile. You have to let go of everything and dive into the chaos of life which is ever changing, always.


Being Now

The phrase “living in the now” is suspect. As with any living condition, it implies impermanence, like you’re just visiting. Now is a tricky place to understand, as it is like water; both permanent and impermanent simultaneously.

We are like fish, in that we are not simply living in the now, but we are being in the now always.



Hell is not eternal, it is internal.


Assuming Thoughts

Most thoughts are assumptions. It doesn’t matter if you have assumptions based on facts or not, they are still assumptions, and there’s no way to know if assumptions are real or defined, because the meaning of assumptions is something you haven’t experienced.

Yes, one can talk about something not experienced, but it makes you liar first and foremost.



It’s insane to think that anything other than your body, mind and spirit is yours. It’s even partially insane to think you are even yours.

Nothing is yours nor can it be. Doesn’t matter if it’s a person or thing, nothing is yours.


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