Nothing is perfect or 100%.

It’s impossible as everything in our bodies and around us are moving constantly. Even nature isn’t perfect. If it was, everyone and everything on this planet would be in line and in tune. But, we as people, are the very reason why nature is imperfect. If we were perfect there wouldn’t be any hunger and war everywhere.

If we were perfect, we probably wouldn’t feel any negative emotions. But then, we wouldn’t learn anything. In this way, we are also perfect, because when we can experience these negative emotions, we learn. We have to experience the positive and negative so we have a full experience and understanding.

But this is the part we often forget, as we strive for either positive or neutral. Then we loose sight of what the negativity is there for; to teach us! Now I can hear some people reading this thinking to themselves, “I just wish class was cancelled for a few days! I have so much negativity around and inside of me.” 

That just means there’s a lot for you to learn right now. And it’s not going away until you understand what needs to be understood within yourself. 


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