Folks are eager and quick to point fingers and throw stones when something goes wrong or in retaliation for something. This is quite a childish response. John Lennon said it best,

“When it gets down to having to use violence, then you are playing the system’s game. The establishment will irritate you – pull your beard, flick your face – to make you fight. Because once they’ve got you violent, then they know how to handle you. The only thing they don’t know how to handle is non-violence and humor.”

The moment one lashes out in response, regardless of so-called “justification,” one shall be labeled as a violent offender. Once one is labeled as such regardless of physical, verbal or spiritual aggression, one finds them self being watched more and treated differently.

However, there are times when one has no choice, but to defend themselves. It is a natural reaction of not just the mind, but the body as well in order to prolong life. But many are quick to jump to this action as a response instead of seeing all other possibilities first.



Most things fluctuate. Your weight fluctuates, your physical appearance fluctuates, your feelings fluctuate. Even a rock fluctuates due to the wind and water.

However, many people seem to think there are ways around these fluctuations. Through diets, procedures, and even sometimes spiritual pursuits such as meditation. This is not to say meditation, diet and other things are not good, it just depends on how one views why they are doing these things. If you’re dieting to loose weight, you’re in trouble, because, as it’s been established, weight fluctuates. Hell, even the clothes you wear determine, to an extent, how much you weigh. But if you’re dieting to stop feeling so sluggish and feel better physically. It’s all about the intention. Granted, you can do these things either way with either intention, but it’s much easier and less stressful to do it one way than it is the other.

One is able to see such fluctuations after enough time sitting in silence.



Intentions behind everything are important.

People can feel/understand. When you’re joking with someone, and in your jesting you put them down, one can hear in your voice and your intention that you are joking. Now if you were upset with someone and put them them down, they would know you are not.

Your intention usually comes to fruition. A writer who intends for his work to be seen by people usually is, however if he just wants his work to be seen, then it will be, but probably not by many. He didn’t intend for his work to be seen by many.

When you focus your intention on anything, it will come to pass. But you must understand and see the thoughts of which you are intending. Faltering breeds faulty intentions. Knowing brings all you see.


Negativity vs. Frustration

Frustration is natural. It’s born out of a desire in an attempt at performing or getting something. It’s what you feel when you go to the store for apples and discover someone bought the last one mere minutes before you arrived. It’s when a loved one has done something that’s hurt you or offended something in you. It’s accidentally hitting your hand with a hammer.

Frustration is little sporadic pangs that usually involve grunting and/or sighs. It’s ok to be frustrated.

Negativity, on the other hand, is a perpetuation of frustration projected unto others. Negativity is taking your frustrations out on people. It can also be purposeful, meaning a way to stir up some trouble by inciting unabashed rhetoric and/or passive aggressiveness.

Being around someone or something negative CAN be frustrating. BUT, it all depends on the reaction you or others take. Both are reactions, but one is natural, the other is a projection.

It is insufficient to waste time being negative, as it’s time taken away from being positive. Frustration is not a waste of time and should be expressed, as it’s a natural reaction, however it is important to note that should one be feeling frustrated over long periods of time, then steps should be taken to discover why this is so because it no longer has anything to do with a reaction but something within your self.


Tune In and Turn On

Love, compassion, understanding, acceptance and other positive traits/ways of life exist in all of us. We simply choose when we turn on and tune into these ideas.


Moment of Now

The moment you decide to think ahead or look back you are no longer in “the now,” also known as the present, or the moment.

You know when you’re in this moment because it feels different in your head; there’s a comfortability to this moment despite it constantly changing. It is because you are accepting what is and letting it be. When you let what is, is, then you are as well. Our mind is always trying to distract us from this moment either through fear or other distractions.

But it’s up to us to see past these distractions or not.



To force or attempt to convince an idea over someone means said idea is fallible Either something is wrong with the idea or the person doesn’t wish to receive it. A natural, real idea requires little effort, there’s no need to force or convince anyone if everyone is going to be receptive.

And, those who are receptive will understand while those who aren’t won’t for right now. Perhaps they will later.



Here’s a quote from a wonderfully whimsical and dear friend,

“Anxiety is just being impatient. If we slowed things down, we would see that this fear/anxiety will pass.”

~Saeng-Fah Graham


Meditation During Eclipse

If there was ever a time for action, it is upon us. The time is swiftly approaching in which many will be pulled in various directions. Remember to remain vigilant and follow your self in all forms.

Our actions are going to make waves in every spectrum.

It is no longer a choice of whether to support those taking action or being the ones taking action. Everyone must take action. By action, we simply mean follow your path, your inner voice. If you don’t feel like your job is fulfilling some part inside of you, quit. If you have been thinking about writing a letter to a long-lost friend, do it. If you were thinking about protesting something, protest. Now is not the time for hesitation, doubt and procrastination. Follow what is right for you.

But we mustn’t forget the principles for which we stand;  love, peace, being and gratitude. Gratitude is most important. We need to remember to give thanks to those who have helped AND challenged us; from the food we consume to the individual who cuts you off in traffic. These principles will assist us in seeing through the fear and doubt that is quite pervasive and attempting to spread.

We are all one, right here, now.


More Death

Death is as much a part of us as is life. We start dying soon as we’re born. Parts of our body die all the time. It take approximately a month until we have a new epidermis layer of skin as the old layer slowly withers and falls away. Every 7 years our bodies have completely new cells.

Life is dying. Death is simply a window/door. Many of us are conditioned to sadness once someone dies. Why? It’s counterintuitive to the majority of religions. It’s understood to an extent, that if someone who has touched you deeply is gone, because then they can no longer make you feel a certain way. But that means now its your turn to spread the joy and lessons of that person into the world. In that way, a person is never truly dead.


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