Meditation During Eclipse

If there was ever a time for action, it is upon us. The time is swiftly approaching in which many will be pulled in various directions. Remember to remain vigilant and follow your self in all forms.

Our actions are going to make waves in every spectrum.

It is no longer a choice of whether to support those taking action or being the ones taking action. Everyone must take action. By action, we simply mean follow your path, your inner voice. If you don’t feel like your job is fulfilling some part inside of you, quit. If you have been thinking about writing a letter to a long-lost friend, do it. If you were thinking about protesting something, protest. Now is not the time for hesitation, doubt and procrastination. Follow what is right for you.

But we mustn’t forget the principles for which we stand;  love, peace, being and gratitude. Gratitude is most important. We need to remember to give thanks to those who have helped AND challenged us; from the food we consume to the individual who cuts you off in traffic. These principles will assist us in seeing through the fear and doubt that is quite pervasive and attempting to spread.

We are all one, right here, now.


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