Negativity vs. Frustration

Frustration is natural. It’s born out of a desire in an attempt at performing or getting something. It’s what you feel when you go to the store for apples and discover someone bought the last one mere minutes before you arrived. It’s when a loved one has done something that’s hurt you or offended something in you. It’s accidentally hitting your hand with a hammer.

Frustration is little sporadic pangs that usually involve grunting and/or sighs. It’s ok to be frustrated.

Negativity, on the other hand, is a perpetuation of frustration projected unto others. Negativity is taking your frustrations out on people. It can also be purposeful, meaning a way to stir up some trouble by inciting unabashed rhetoric and/or passive aggressiveness.

Being around someone or something negative CAN be frustrating. BUT, it all depends on the reaction you or others take. Both are reactions, but one is natural, the other is a projection.

It is insufficient to waste time being negative, as it’s time taken away from being positive. Frustration is not a waste of time and should be expressed, as it’s a natural reaction, however it is important to note that should one be feeling frustrated over long periods of time, then steps should be taken to discover why this is so because it no longer has anything to do with a reaction but something within your self.


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