Most things fluctuate. Your weight fluctuates, your physical appearance fluctuates, your feelings fluctuate. Even a rock fluctuates due to the wind and water.

However, many people seem to think there are ways around these fluctuations. Through diets, procedures, and even sometimes spiritual pursuits such as meditation. This is not to say meditation, diet and other things are not good, it just depends on how one views why they are doing these things. If you’re dieting to loose weight, you’re in trouble, because, as it’s been established, weight fluctuates. Hell, even the clothes you wear determine, to an extent, how much you weigh. But if you’re dieting to stop feeling so sluggish and feel better physically. It’s all about the intention. Granted, you can do these things either way with either intention, but it’s much easier and less stressful to do it one way than it is the other.

One is able to see such fluctuations after enough time sitting in silence.


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