When an opportunity presents itself, you know what to do. But your mind often gets in the way. Trust yourself. 



Wanted to share some more thanks with everyone who has either subscribe or regularly reads my blog since I started this thing a year ago.

Here’s a video I put together on what I’ve learned about “Being” through meditation.


Thank You & Summary

A year ago yesterday, with some misgivings I started blogging these thoughts. Wasn’t sure what to expect. But, I’m still doing it… and there have been many supporters along the way.

I just wanted to send a quick thank you to everyone for reading, liking and seeing what I have to say. Thank you. THANK YOU!

Below is a video I made a few weeks ago summarizing some of what I’ve learned about fear through meditation…


Conscious Puzzle

Each of our realities is as real as we decide it to be. Each individuals reality is like its own little galaxy, but all the galaxies are part of this large, infinite moving puzzle of ONE.

As more and more people begin to return to the puzzle, accepting where they themselves fit in, the more realities start to merge and overlap. More people are remembering this, and their function, within this grand conscious puzzle, which by default means irrelevant realities  begin to crumble.

This is quite scary to some, especially those who have yet to discover and accept their function. But, that’s partially why those who have are here!



We are all together, as is.

When I am depressed, I am reflecting that part of all nature.  When I am happy, I am reflecting that part of all nature. The world cries and wails as I do, the world giggles and orgasms as I do. When one piece of the puzzle feels something, the rest of the puzzle does too.


Easy Way

It’s easy to curse at life/the universe/nature when it’s throwing an obstacle or two in your way. It’s easy to grab hold of a certain set of ideas when things are not going in your favor. It’s easy to get down on yourself and succum to your mind telling you how horrible you are at life.

But negativity and complaining is complacency. It’s settling.  It’s deciding to stay in that mindset instead of moving on. Don’t forget to let go.



By giving ourselves time to be, we can discover hidden pains and obstacles that are otherwise nearly impossible to see and recognize due to the constant stream of information being downloaded about the world by our minds.


Running Doubt

Doubt is a lot like running toward the edge of a cliff in order to jump off to get to the other side of another cliff that is just out of reach.

You must run at full speed, never faltering and jump at the last possible moment in order for your own velocity and momentum to carry you to the other side. Should you slow down, try and stop at the last second etc, you will fall off the cliff and not make it to the other side.



Every action has a repercussion that tattoos and echoes throughout our lives. None of us will always choose our actions wisely.

But to truly fathom that, is to be free.


Not seeking

A wise person doesn’t seek their own reality, but instead creates their own.



Inside all of us, there is a child. Whether we know it or not, that child, that child dictates much of how we see and experience the world.

This child, this younger self, wants you to be happy. And it can be a real pain in the ass if you’re not following what makes you happy. When you are happy, and when you are aligned to what makes you happy, everything is copacetic between yourself and this child. Following YOUR flow, and maybe doing something child-like are what feed this part of you. But, despite its playful and joyous exterior, it is also what is in control of your ego, and uses it when necessary to make you life hard. Most of your fears come from this child as well. And your must take the time to sit with and embrace these fears in order to show your inner child you are in control.


Flowers of Stillness

In stillness, we are a flower blossoming toward the heavens, opening ourselves to the light that shines between our heart and mind.


No Fear

When you renounce your fears, not only are you informing your selves, but the world around you. When you renounce your fears,  in essence you are building a protective, insulated shield around your being.

When you renounce your fears, the vibrations from your voice, heart and mind send signals to your body that it is time to move on. When you renounce your fears your are tearing up the contract set-up by your mind and reminding it YOU are in control.


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