Listen to Thoughts

Listen to your thoughts. Seriously, listen to them; the positive and negative ones. Are they different? If so, how?

Are they in first person, or are they in second &/or third person?

At least if your thoughts are in first person, you know it is coming from your “I am” ego part of you. But what of these thoughts that are in second (“you are”) and third (“____[your name]____ is”) person? Are these thoughts even your own? If so, why is there a dissociation?

Second and third person thoughts are indicative of one or two ideas; either that our minds, despite its rapscallion ways sometimes is still holding on to the idea that it doesn’t want to hurt us completely so it dissociates itself from the thought. Or, the second idea being these thoughts are not our own.


The Only Secret

I have a secret. In fact it is the only secret out there. I say it’s the only secret out there because many still haven’t discovered, or perhaps they’ve forgotten this one idea.

There is no one thing, be it a book, a recipe, a person, a song, a quote… anything that will solve all of your life’s biggest mysteries. Some people may claim to have a really good book, or know a really good song that solves everything, but…that is not the case. Each person builds all of their own obstacles and walls, and  are the only ones who can destroy/create new paradigms in our minds.



The Will of Ourselves Propels Us.

Will is equally important as intent; a drive to do.

Without the drive, or flow, we are not swimming our own path, but merely wading along.


Taking Time to Honor

When one fails to take time to honor oneself every so often, one will find their minds not as sharp or exact.

While it is always your time, some must be reminded to simply take small bits of time at one’s own discretion in order to reflect and understand situations and people from an inward perspective. It is always your time, but often, the mind hinders one’s own recognition of this, because it sometimes makes you think there are other things to do. We have to remember to allow ourselves to heal.


No Holds

In order to become truly free, one must completely let go to attachments of all things, including but not prohibited to relationships of any kind, work, art, ideas, purpose, life, etc. Often, but not always, these attachments are spoken with the words “mine” or “my” as in “my art,” or “That chair is mine.” This is one of the largest obstacles we face as human beings.

Let go doesn’t mean relinquish and vanquish such things, but living in a way that one allows all things to flow through them. One should live as though they are comfortably detached, meaning, should any of these things disappear at any time, for any reason, it is of no consequence either way.

However, this does not mean one should not be conscience of their actions. The actions we take guide and influence future thoughts and other actions.


All Time

takes time.

This means we all have time.



We must remember to speak our intentions and not talk around them.


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