Life’s Mission

Part of my mission in this lifetime is to help people remember what they already are.


Natural Rhythm

Humans have moved too far away from the rhythms of nature.

Many of us no longer know when seasonal fruits or veggies are supposed to be eaten because they are sold year round. In some countries, people don’t even know what kind of meat they’re eating.

We no longer experience seasons, for both the favorable and unfavorable reasons.

We, as humans, are part of nature, and must, MUST return to nature every so often. That’s not to say we should dismantle cities and throw out our air conditioning units, but there needs to be time all humans spend in nature, especially before, but also after they are old enough so as to comprehend and appreciate the complexities of nature.



Each of us decide individually when we, ourselves (our beings) are going to die.


With vs. For

Ones will must be checked, especially when & while it centers about being around others.

Sometimes we must remember to ask ourselves if we are doing something for someone else or with someone else. We must reminds ourselves to ask this questions otherwise sometimes we may find ourselves compromising our very beings if we are doing something for someone else that we don’t like/enjoy.

We must also ask ourselves if we are taking action because we feel like we must be doing something or because there’s actually a purpose behind it.


About Human Beings

Humans are a distinct combination/amalgam of original luminous space body source & physical feeling heart space with the distinct privilege of being able to join the two sides/frequencies  and teach a cosmic love other beings have yet to grok.

Some of us are remembering that we are children of these stars. We are remembering to play in the cosmic sandbox. We are the compassion shamans the future.

But with this remembering comes growing pains of our physical limitations. Some of us become frustrated by this more easily than others, but part of us being here, at this time, together, now is to overcome that frustration by looking within ourselves and others.


Natural Love

Being outside, in nature allows for a more focused, inward love.


A Few Notes on Merging*

  • Merging is one of the most sacred forms of human expression and should be treated as such.
  • If used correctly, merging is medicine. It may help heal, guide, teach, deepen understanding &/or strengthen connections.
  • Should one go into merging not focused on the other individual(s) involved and themselves, one might as well not merge at all. The same can be said of one’s intentions. If they are not purely based on love and respect for the other individual(s) and one self, one might as well not merge at all.
  • The energy of merging is quite a beautiful, creative force.
  • Ideally, one should approach merging as if it were playtime, not work or therapy.
  • A good mantra for merging is “All is love.”
  • It is preferable to set intentions for each other together, as a way to deepen the experience and use the energy to allow these ideas and thoughts to move through and manifest.

*merging is a term used in place of “sex” as it feels more appropriate as the the experience itself in regards to being with another in such a capacity. 


Breathing Emotion

Every breath we take vibrates a frequency of emotion.


Following Leaders

Many people want to be led. But many of these same people don’t want to think, rather allowing the leaders to think for them. This has played itself out many times throughout history.

Not everyone is a leader, but following a leader doesn’t mean blindly following orders, there must be a certain amount of understanding. Being a leader doesn’t allow the proclivity to have others exercise the whims of said leader either. The moment a leader decries questions of their actions is a moment followers should question whom they are following.

Many people, including some leaders think they are leaders but are not, because they lack a certain fundamental discipline of their Ego. Many people who are not leaders should be, because they have the humility and this discipline, but perhaps lack a certain amount of self-confidence.

I think in today’s society, many equate being a leader with having dominated the competition. But, that is not the case, not entirely. You can dominate something and become the top in a field but still not be a leader. A leader ALSO has the ability to unify people so things can get done.



Nature allows pieces (and peace-s) to fall into place. Time away from the hustle & bustle energies often associated, but not limited to city life.

There is a fierce slowness nature plays with. It may spurt growth &/or flush out stagnation but it does so with a gentle, slow push.


Doing Things With vs. Doing Things For

At this point and time in society, many talking political heads and religious dogma create an atmosphere where most people either want to avoid or jump into the fracas with others.

The fundamental difference between these two types of mindsets are simple, as one seeks to avoid discord, perhaps even to the point of doing things for other people just so there is no discord. These types of people tend to suppress many parts of themselves, especially their voice for fear of starting disharmony, unfortunately at their own expense.

Then there are those who like to jump into all kinds of debates, parties, etc so as they can either share/cram their views and thoughts down the minds of others, or at the very least seem to enjoy starting all kinds of debates, even if it’s just to get people thinking and talking, though it can be quite contentious.

There is a middle path, one that many, including myself are still learning.

We need to understand when to speak up so that we may honor ourselves, which in return doesn’t fill our selves up with the mindsets of others. For example, maybe someone may ask you to wash the dishes, but you have to urinate. Instead of just blindly doing the task, we must feel confident enough in ourselves to say, “Hey sure, but I’d like to use the washroom first.” But if the person doing the asking were to then say something like, “No, you must do the dishwashing before you use the washroom,” then we have to be even more confident in ourselves to explain why we don’t feel “right” about doing that.

Now on the other hand, if you are one of those types that enjoy sparking debates/conversation, one must be acutely aware of how things are said, especially if you know you are talking to someone with a different or opposing view, because often, these are views that have settled in people for quite sometime and it’s something they are comfortable with. So to rock their boats too much may cause more harm than a good conversation. You would probably find much resistance if you walked into your math teacher’s room/office and said “I think math is the worst idea ever and should stop happening” than if you said, “What can you tell me about math that would make me like it more.” Tact is everything in these types of situations, as folks can get quite touchy with their beliefs if they feel threatened or challenged.

Intention pays a large role as well.



Before we can see skin color color or know someone’s political affiliation, we listen to breaths & heartbeats.


Settling on Ideas

Many people settle on various ideas before fully exploring them.

They settle because certain things sound good. Then, these same people who settle often look for other ideas that only support their viewpoint instead of looking at all viewpoints.

The internet, as amazing and wonderful as it is with information and community, has also created an apathetic, faceless attack troll emotions, which can create a very insular belief system that cannot bend or be molded. Today’s society also tarnishes the idea of conversation and debate by attempting to make people pick a side, especially prematurely.


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