Following Leaders

Many people want to be led. But many of these same people don’t want to think, rather allowing the leaders to think for them. This has played itself out many times throughout history.

Not everyone is a leader, but following a leader doesn’t mean blindly following orders, there must be a certain amount of understanding. Being a leader doesn’t allow the proclivity to have others exercise the whims of said leader either. The moment a leader decries questions of their actions is a moment followers should question whom they are following.

Many people, including some leaders think they are leaders but are not, because they lack a certain fundamental discipline of their Ego. Many people who are not leaders should be, because they have the humility and this discipline, but perhaps lack a certain amount of self-confidence.

I think in today’s society, many equate being a leader with having dominated the competition. But, that is not the case, not entirely. You can dominate something and become the top in a field but still not be a leader. A leader ALSO has the ability to unify people so things can get done.


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