A Few Notes on Merging*

  • Merging is one of the most sacred forms of human expression and should be treated as such.
  • If used correctly, merging is medicine. It may help heal, guide, teach, deepen understanding &/or strengthen connections.
  • Should one go into merging not focused on the other individual(s) involved and themselves, one might as well not merge at all. The same can be said of one’s intentions. If they are not purely based on love and respect for the other individual(s) and one self, one might as well not merge at all.
  • The energy of merging is quite a beautiful, creative force.
  • Ideally, one should approach merging as if it were playtime, not work or therapy.
  • A good mantra for merging is “All is love.”
  • It is preferable to set intentions for each other together, as a way to deepen the experience and use the energy to allow these ideas and thoughts to move through and manifest.

*merging is a term used in place of “sex” as it feels more appropriate as the the experience itself in regards to being with another in such a capacity. 


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