New Currency

“Presence and attention are the new currency.”

~from Darinka Blagaj, a very wise women met on my travels.


I’ve been meditating on this thought a lot recently.


Finite Human

Being human, a physically finite creature, many of us have &/or put a finite view on things.

We have difficulty comprehending the infinite.

So, for many of us, after a certain point (either due to lack of comprehension &/or attention) everything stops, because, we, after a certain point in this lifetime, stop. But, we, as well as most beings, don’t stop entirely.

I become a little anxious when talking to people & their logic/rationale stops after a certain point. As an example, I’ve spoken to many friends about death, and most of them say either “Once you’re dead, you’re dead,” or “If you’re deemed a good person then you go to heaven. If not you go to hell.” They were very confused when I asked them what happens after. Of course, some will think they know the answers, but there will be a few who say “I don’t know,” which is the point.

As finite beings on a physical level, we must be open and accept the infinite.


A Daily Mantra of Sorts

May I continue to move through this world with joy, grace, laughter, play, love and forgiveness.


Eating (Read All Before Commenting)

This will take a bit of time to digest.

There seems to be this ongoing tiff between SOME (not all) people who eat meat (along with other foods) and SOME (not all) people who prefer to stick to their veggies & fruits. I’ve tried ignoring this infighting and have even avoided the subject for a while because it seems to stir up a heaping helping of tension. But after much thinking on this, it felt like the time this needed to be said.

I don’t understand why there is tension in this realm because there are many other much more important things to focus on. Also, for those more stubborn folks who insist on making this an issue, grow up.

Why is this an issue? Seriously, why? This kind of debate is a distraction and division tool.

The REAL impetus of this issue is what we’re putting in our bodies in terms of factory farming vs. cage free, GMO foods /food additives vs. organic, halal & kosher vs. not that and the wasting of food in general. In other words, the issue is how these foods are made and handled. The meat vs. veggies debate is a slippery slope that used to bait people into various reactions.

I totally understand it’s exciting to share this or that kind of information. It’s awesome that some of you want to inform others, but that’s all you can do; inform people. You can’t make up their mind for them.

Here’s the thing, whatever statistics you look up, in the majority of countries, not even a quarter of the population is vegetarian (or vegan), and I think most people who identify themselves as such realize that this isn’t “in the norm” so there’s already (for some reason) a bit of a stigma, though I see this not being an issue as years progress. So for all the meat eaters out there, there’s no need to make it harder for them.

Now, on the flip side, to all my vegetarian friends who like to post things on social media about why eating veggies and fruit is so much better, you don’t have to prove anything. You’re already committing to eating in a way that works for you, that’s proof enough.

Also, to all my vegetarian/vegan friends, it’s totally ok that eating meat doesn’t make you “feel good” for various reasons. Be it because you don’t want to support the meat industry and many of their screwed up practices or you because you can’t eat another living being. BUT, I really hope you understand that plants are living beings too.

And I can’t stress this enough, but if you’re judging someone because of what they’re eating… grow up.

Again, I know this isn’t everyone who creates these controversies.

Remember, the issue isn’t the food itself, but how it’s produced.

Happy Thanksgiving to all those in the States.


Remember the Sun

No matter the storm you are in, remember the sun isn’t just above you, but inside you too.



I am learning to accept the slow stillness of my higher self.


Practice Everyday Learning

Education doesn’t end once you get your high school diploma, degree, certificate whatever you receive from various “learning institutions.” It shouldn’t, especially if you practice this little tip.

At the end of each day, do a little reflection and write down what you’ve learned that day. It can be anything from a fact you read or heard, it can be something about yourself, something about another person, etc. There are many possibilities. This isn’t even something that takes very long, you can do it in five minutes, literally right before bed. You might be surprised at what you have learned in just a day!



Many of my frustrations come from a place of not allowing things to be.


THE answers

I’ve heard many say they have THE answers.

Which amazes me because I wonder what they’re still doing here on this planet & in this time if they have THE answers. In school, if you have the answers, that either means you’ve finished your homework or the question on the test you answered is finished.

But all these people who say they have THE answers are still here. And if they have THE answers, why isn’t everyone else accepting this if they are THE answers?

I think these people are a little eager to share & in this excitement they messed up the wording a little. I think they should be saying, “I have the answers which resonate with me.” In our search for THE answers, we must remember that MY ANSWERS are going to be different than yours, yours different from your neighbor. Sure, some of these answers may overlap, but at the core of your being you are processing and coming to understand things that are relevant to you at that time.

Some of them won’t resonate with other people and beings, but… BUT that’s ok. We all have individual answers to a “test,” or “project” that was built specifically for your piece of the puzzle in this lifetime.


Instantly Sliding

between tears of joy and tears of sorrow  is a divine experience.



Within everyone is a storm. Sometimes it’s a brain storm, sometimes it’s a heart storm. Some of these storms can become quite frightening or frustrating. We only have three options in these circumstances; try and find shelter (despite the fact you’re still IN the storm), dance, or go to the eye of the storm.

I find going to the eye of the storm is best suited for my growth, but I realize it may not be for everyone.


Forgotten to Be

Many people have forgotten how to be. Some may never remember in this lifetime, nor may they want to remember, but that’s ok too.

I’m reminded of a quote in a book I’ve been reading by renowned author Murakami, called 1Q84,

“They take the circuits out of people’s brains and make them robots. Their world is like the one George Orwell depicted in his novel. I’m sure you realize there are plenty of people who are looking for exactly that kind of brain death. It makes life a lot easier. You don’t have to think about difficult things, just shut up and do what your superiors tell you to do. You’ll never have to starve.”

And some people are ok living like this, and those of us who aren’t still need to be respectful to those who do. Some people (myself included sometimes) think that one little bit of information is going to create this epiphany within people. But the real truth is, some people just don’t care because they’re allowed to live their life in a way that is comfortable to them.

I’m not saying all people don’t care or those of us who do shouldn’t be sharing the information and views we share, just pointing out that some people do not and will not remember how to be in this lifetime.


Fly Under the Radar

I’ve been told by many that it’s best to “fly under the radar” to avoid  any government agencies types (or anyone else for that matter) looking into my life. My parents (but mostly my father) used to tell me this a lot as I was maturing into a young man with some rebellious tendencies.  But here’s the problem,

“they” keep lowering and lowering the radar that soon there won’t be anywhere to fly freely, perhaps without written permission.

Now, I don’t consider myself a rebel, but if living my life the way I choose is rebellious in this day and age then I guess that’s the thing. Also, unlike many people, I don’t consider myself beholden to “them,” whoever they are. So I have been and will continue to live my life in accordance with a certain following of the heart harmony. But I’m not blind or deaf. I can see leaders in many countries slowly chipping away at the privileges they’ve given their people over the years. But at the same time, I cannot nor will not deny myself what honors my being in terms of, to continue the metaphor, flying high.


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