Update & We’re Back

In this moment, just wanted to thank everyone who has been liking, subscribing, reading and occasionally commenting on some of the posts that have popped up over the last almost two years. It’s lovely to see that this blog and these thoughts are reaching the people it needs to reach.

But I also recognize my lack of activity on here as of late. There’s temptation to apologize, but I’m resisting that urge because in this time of absence from here I’ve been on many an adventure and met people who I am proud to consider friends and part of my soul-family. It doesn’t mean I haven’t been meditating, just means there hasn’t been much energy put into this blog. This time away has also allowed me to reflect on this space a little.

Not much thought has gone into what I’d like for this blog to be, because I’ve been mostly content sharing my thoughts after meditation. But I know I don’t want it to be some meme and/or quote regurgitation factory. In this reflection, I’ve also noticed a lack of personability. THIS is something I hope to change, as I feel it may help others and myself to share more things from a personal level, not just these sometimes esoteric thoughts that come through me. So there’s that. I’ve also added the Miscellaneous Kitchen a new page to the blog which simply shares a few people who continue to inspire myself in their generous servings of food for thought.

Again, I wanted to thank everyone who has been and continuing to read after all this time, and to any new readers or people who are curious, feel free to look around, and if you have any questions, shoot them my way.

Thank you for being.

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