Forgotten to Be

Many people have forgotten how to be. Some may never remember in this lifetime, nor may they want to remember, but that’s ok too.

I’m reminded of a quote in a book I’ve been reading by renowned author Murakami, called 1Q84,

“They take the circuits out of people’s brains and make them robots. Their world is like the one George Orwell depicted in his novel. I’m sure you realize there are plenty of people who are looking for exactly that kind of brain death. It makes life a lot easier. You don’t have to think about difficult things, just shut up and do what your superiors tell you to do. You’ll never have to starve.”

And some people are ok living like this, and those of us who aren’t still need to be respectful to those who do. Some people (myself included sometimes) think that one little bit of information is going to create this epiphany within people. But the real truth is, some people just don’t care because they’re allowed to live their life in a way that is comfortable to them.

I’m not saying all people don’t care or those of us who do shouldn’t be sharing the information and views we share, just pointing out that some people do not and will not remember how to be in this lifetime.


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