THE answers

I’ve heard many say they have THE answers.

Which amazes me because I wonder what they’re still doing here on this planet & in this time if they have THE answers. In school, if you have the answers, that either means you’ve finished your homework or the question on the test you answered is finished.

But all these people who say they have THE answers are still here. And if they have THE answers, why isn’t everyone else accepting this if they are THE answers?

I think these people are a little eager to share & in this excitement they messed up the wording a little. I think they should be saying, “I have the answers which resonate with me.” In our search for THE answers, we must remember that MY ANSWERS are going to be different than yours, yours different from your neighbor. Sure, some of these answers may overlap, but at the core of your being you are processing and coming to understand things that are relevant to you at that time.

Some of them won’t resonate with other people and beings, but… BUT that’s ok. We all have individual answers to a “test,” or “project” that was built specifically for your piece of the puzzle in this lifetime.


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