Finite Human

Being human, a physically finite creature, many of us have &/or put a finite view on things.

We have difficulty comprehending the infinite.

So, for many of us, after a certain point (either due to lack of comprehension &/or attention) everything stops, because, we, after a certain point in this lifetime, stop. But, we, as well as most beings, don’t stop entirely.

I become a little anxious when talking to people & their logic/rationale stops after a certain point. As an example, I’ve spoken to many friends about death, and most of them say either “Once you’re dead, you’re dead,” or “If you’re deemed a good person then you go to heaven. If not you go to hell.” They were very confused when I asked them what happens after. Of course, some will think they know the answers, but there will be a few who say “I don’t know,” which is the point.

As finite beings on a physical level, we must be open and accept the infinite.


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