Positive Signs

You see a lot of signs in stores saying things like “No shoes, no shirt, no service,” or “no loitering.”

Where are the signs in stores that say “No worries, no obligation, no rush.”?


More About Leaders

Just a note, these thoughts are heavily influenced and informed by some thoughts posted earlier in the year about leaders. 

We must be mindful of the people we choose to follow and support. Sometimes we become so caught up and excited in the words of others we don’t take the time to see if these people who are even able to have a platform are or are not “practicing what they preach.”

This, in and of itself is quite a tricky thing, especially when you have various forces and sides trying to prove opposite things at once with what can only be described as a zeal for proving others “wrong” or their position as “right.” This is a red flag from the start. If one is setting out to prove something, one is already coming from a point of bias. I cannot say I am infallible in this regard, as I know and acknowledge I have done the same thing.

But the point I’m trying to make is that, when someone does not “practice what they preach,” it makes it hard for others to take them seriously, and it gives detractors plenty of fodder for rallying against said person and their information (be it correctly or incorrectly so). Furthermore, in this day and age, many are beginning to make such broad brushstrokes in terms of rhetoric that they are trying to invalidate whole and complex issues because of various incidents and perhaps unbalanced people. What makes matters even more complex in this day and age are the vague and sometimes hidden political/monetary agendas of various websites and groups. Just as an example, various studies and/or websites are funded by organic food companies and they just so happen to support information that makes the point of the organic food companies while other various studies and/or websites funded by GMO companies just so happen to make the point of the GMO companies.

The following example comes not because I am trying to “slam” or “discredit” this certain individual, as I’m sure there are plenty of other people who do not entirely “practice what they preach,” but because of the point I am trying to make in terms of who we support for various issues, and also how various things are used against these individuals. David Suzuki might very well be for a better environment and not support GMO’s, but this article makes it hard to take him seriously. Now, regardless if there is any truth to either article, this is the playing field we are currently on.

Part of the problem is, many are ignorant, apathetic or lazy in terms of research and thinking. Many (not all) of us go so far as to operate under a confirmation bias, which includes our leaders as well.

Not only do we need to hold ourselves to a higher standard of thinking, but we must do the same with the potential leaders and voices we support. But at the same time, we must show some compassion and also remember that we are all human and prone to various lapses. This doesn’t mean we or others shouldn’t be held accountable for various lapses, but it does mean we should help each other learn and grow.


Release Thoughts

When you allow thoughts to move through you, unjudged and unattached, then you allow for release.


Showing Emotion

If you are afraid to show/express your emotions you are either with the wrong person/group or there are some self-confidence issues within your being.

Please note, being afraid to show/express your emotions and finding it difficult to show/express your emotions are two different things.



“Miracles happen every day, they’re are actually the norm, we’ve only been told they’re not.”

~a paraphrased quote from Peter Lee, another lovely being met in my travels through Toronto.


Direct Democratic New Currency

There’s that old saying that goes something like “You vote with your money,” but it goes way beyond that. Because attention and presence are the new currency, this means we are voting with our minds each day.

The New Currency

Every action is a vote as to where we want to be in our lives, a vote towards one of literally billions of paths our lives could take. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions are the exchange.

If you put your attention and presence toward eating a burger when you know you should be eating a salad instead, you’re voting for that burger and everything that comes with it in terms of your health and digestion. If you decide to ignore that homeless person instead of drop a few coins their way you’re voting as to the kind of being you are and what you care about. When you put your attention to thinking about the past or future you’re voting not only about your thought patterns but also you’re voting to stay out of the present, the moment. The list goes on but I want to emphasize that these things I’ve mentioned are not examples of one doing something inherently bad/wrong. Each of you have your own moral compass and you are your own judge of what is and isn’t right. But I would like to mention something that bothers me a little.

Now, when I talk to friends and family, I don’t like to just do a glossy once over small-talk conversation, I like to dive into conversations and ask a lot of questions, a lot of why and how. And it slightly horrifies me when I’m asking someone “Why?” and they say “I don’t know.” Huh? For a while I didn’t understand when someone said that. For a while when someone said that it was rather frustrating. But now, through meditation and reflection I’ve looked back at certain moments in my life and I know I said or thought the same thing. I don’t know why I’ve done some of the things I’ve done. And I’ve come to discover when that happens in myself and others, we’re on autopilot which leaves us vulnerable for someone/something else to pilot the vehicle that is our mind and body. When someone says “I don’t know” when asked why or how it almost always means they weren’t thinking, that they weren’t fully conscience of their actions. If you don’t know who, what, where, why, when and how you’re voting, something’s up and you need to figure out why you don’t know, unless you’re ok with not being fully aware of the decisions that are leading you toward certain paths in your life. That’s ok too.

Attention and presence are the new currency, although, if you think about that notion, it’s really the oldest and most used currency. Problem is, many of us have forgotten it to be as such. Which is ok, but it doesn’t hurt to remind people once in a while.



Every day I am learning to detach myself from thoughts and the emotions attached to some of those thoughts.

This is a large challenge as I recognize that sometimes I can attach myself to thoughts easily. But I recognize it does me no favors to stay connected to these various thoughts and emotions because not only do they hinder me from staying in the moment but they also weigh my mind down so that the creation of art, ideas and other things is much slower.


Shadow Self

There is a shadow in all of us.

We can either work with it or against it. Just because it is a shadow doesn’t mean it is inherently “bad” or a problem. It is you after all.


Honoring Others

When interacting with others, be aware if you are placating their ego or honoring their being.


Resting Mind

Sometimes we forget we need to relax. Sometimes, we need to turn off our minds for a while, be it through meditation, sleep, TV, whatever. While it is a noble pursuit to want to turn minds on and keep them on often, it needs rest as well.

It’s also important to keep in mind that everyone rests differently because all of our brains move and work differently. It all depends on what turns your brain on.


Baby Steps Change Time

We must remember that change takes time.

A tree does not become a tree in one night. But this doesn’t mean if we want change we should simply sit back and wait passively. Go out, make change, but understand that it takes time, which takes patience.

Excitement is understandable in wanting to make change and share it with many, but rushing to make changes leaves more room for error and also does not show love toward the idea. Change must be nurtured in order to have the desired outcome.



Recently in meditation I’ve been practicing the release of any tension in my body that is hindering me from staying “in the present moment.” It’s gotten to the point where the majority of my body is able to relax and release, but three small areas have been especially challenging; my eyes, jaw and tongue.

I’m not asking for help,  just sharing the interesting areas of tension.


Anything is Possible

Sometimes you can do everything right and the situation still ends up not in your favor.

But it’s up to you and your will, your drive, your courage if you want to even take that gambling chance or not.


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