It is much easier in this current lifetime to succum to distractions. This is partially because many of us have been trained to be distracted what with the scrolling ticker at the bottom of most news organizations to the easy accessibility of anything on the internet to the endless scrolling that can happen on tumblr, facebook and a slew of other websites. To clarify, neither of these things or any of the other things between these three ideas are inherently  “bad.” But they do rewire the way we allow our attention to focus.

Because of this, it makes focusing much harder to do for many of us. And I’m not even speaking about children who are diagnosed (correctly or incorrectly) with any of the Attention Deficit initialisms. It is easier for many of us to become distracted now, and sometimes it is even difficult for me in meditation to focus. I realize that through even more practice this will be even less of a hinderance, but the point I’m trying to make is that it affects our thinking. These distractions allow our minds to be taken to various other places much more quickly which in turn means we are not focusing on our thoughts or much really for any length of time.

The most common example that comes to mind upon ruminating on this is misplacing something like car keys or glasses. In those moments when we start looking for the car keys because we’ve “forgotten” where we put them we have to retrace our steps. But often (not all, but often) that doesn’t work because it’s not a problem with our memory, it’s a problem with our focusing.

In those moments we were not in those moments to see where we put the car keys. But, we must remember, it is always our choice to be or not be in those moments.


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