Steps to Obsessive

I don’t know about the rest of you, but my mind is quite tricky.

I’m grateful to meditate, because it allows me to see just how tricky and inappropriately grabby my mind can be. I think sometimes my mind is more insecure than my being.

It’s just interesting sometimes to see what my mind tries to grab hold of, which has led to a recent discovery as to why I have an aversion to patterns (in terms of behavioral routines, not the paisley or checkered kind). For reasons yet fully explored, my mind has a tenacious leaning towards obsessiveness. I say this because I find that is quick to jump around if I don’t meditate every day, exercise every day, write every day. Being a morning person, over the years I’ve discovered a great many facts about the benefits of eating the biggest meal in the morning, exercising in the morning, drinking lemon water, etc. And sometimes when I don’t do these things, much like some of the other stuff I mentioned, my mind will jump around in fits, wondering why I’m not doing all of these things that are beneficial for my well being every day!

But thanks to meditation, I’m able to sift through my excited mind because it says things like “every day,” “all the time,” “never,” and other hyperbolic words. I agree that things like meditation and exercise are beneficial for me, but not all the time. That’s just crazy! I appreciate that my mind is so psyched for my well-being, and gets excited for various things, but now, as I age and evolve, I see that there are times to rest as well.

You can’t be “on” all the time. 

Sometimes, I need to remind myself of this previous post about our minds holding on to things, or this one about doing nothing.


Grounding Laugh

Aside from merging and practicing compassion, laughter is one of the most grounding, healthy and healing actions for a being.



Looking In/Out

It is much more challenging to look inside yourself than outside.

Inside is much more abstract and surreal, not to mention intangible.

But another of life’s paradoxes is that sometimes to look within you need to look around and sometimes to look around you need to look within.



“The fact that we’re alive is a very good omen.”
~From Tom Pilarski, a gentle giant.


Not Where

We are not where we are.

By this, I mean where we are physically is not an indication of who we are as a person. I’ve recently noticed that sometimes I associate where I am with who I am, but I know and see this is not the case.


Living Paradox

A paradox of living in this lifetime is the building up of our selves through talents, values and thought processes but not getting attached to who we are or what we have achieved.


We are not our thoughts

Our thoughts are a production of many things happening in our minds, but we are not necessarily our thoughts.

Hell, sometimes we’re not even in our own mind!


Only Us

Don’t mean to spoil anyone’s fun, but this us versus them mentality is an illusion, or rather a form of hallucination.

One of the largest problems in the world today is this whole “us versus them” mentality and we see it played out every day in so many subtle ways from political talking heads to religious extremists to adverts telling us we’ll be cooler or in the know if we get that thing that does that stuff.

And many of us at this time on this planet subscribe to this. Which is perfectly natural. How natural? Try thousands of years of instinctual behavior when we were broken into smaller tribes trying to survive with limited resources and food. And this mentality continues. Many like pointing to Darwin as a proponent of “survival of the fittest,” despite it only being mentioned twice in his book “The Descent of Man,” whereas love is mentioned 93 times.

But here’s the thing; that “us versus them” mentality sells. It makes people click on news headlines and watch various videos and news clips by saying “This is what THEY are doing/saying!” This mentality of “us versus them” also provokes and evokes certain emotions and feelings, because once we click on the headline to read the article or watch the video we can say, “I’m happy because I’m not them,” or “Look at them doing and saying those things which I don’t approve of. What scoundrels! What madness!”

Here’s the thing we are forgetting in all this, there’s only us. Any problem we face is a human problem. It’s not “their problem.” It’s all of our problems. But this whole “us versus them” mentality keeps us divided, because when we’re divided, it makes it hard for us to work together. Politics, at least in the states, exemplifies this beautifully. Both political parties each seem to have a set of “issues” that they supposedly champion, and both political parties are constantly running around saying “My issues are more important!” So instead of working together, they’re both bickering and they whip their supporters into frenzies to bicker with the “other side,” instead of reaching out, working together and having conscious conversations which find solutions.

A wise person once told me, “The only thing we as a human species know for 100% sure is that we are here, on this planet, in this time, together, right now.”

There is no them, only us.

Now, I realize that, in addition to having/being on this ride and working on this cosmic puzzle we each have our own walking path to journey. This is part of the balance and duality paradox we must learn to move through. But by the same token, because we have our individual journey’s doesn’t mean we must only focus and commit to that while ignoring the others around us.


Time Unbound

We are not wholly bound by time.

Despite the calendars and the clocks and the seasons, time is less of a linear path and more like a vast ocean.  Time only wears and grinds at us on a physical level. But mentally and spiritually, we are not bound by time.


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