Steps to Obsessive

I don’t know about the rest of you, but my mind is quite tricky.

I’m grateful to meditate, because it allows me to see just how tricky and inappropriately grabby my mind can be. I think sometimes my mind is more insecure than my being.

It’s just interesting sometimes to see what my mind tries to grab hold of, which has led to a recent discovery as to why I have an aversion to patterns (in terms of behavioral routines, not the paisley or checkered kind). For reasons yet fully explored, my mind has a tenacious leaning towards obsessiveness. I say this because I find that is quick to jump around if I don’t meditate every day, exercise every day, write every day. Being a morning person, over the years I’ve discovered a great many facts about the benefits of eating the biggest meal in the morning, exercising in the morning, drinking lemon water, etc. And sometimes when I don’t do these things, much like some of the other stuff I mentioned, my mind will jump around in fits, wondering why I’m not doing all of these things that are beneficial for my well being every day!

But thanks to meditation, I’m able to sift through my excited mind because it says things like “every day,” “all the time,” “never,” and other hyperbolic words. I agree that things like meditation and exercise are beneficial for me, but not all the time. That’s just crazy! I appreciate that my mind is so psyched for my well-being, and gets excited for various things, but now, as I age and evolve, I see that there are times to rest as well.

You can’t be “on” all the time. 

Sometimes, I need to remind myself of this previous post about our minds holding on to things, or this one about doing nothing.


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