Last Night’s Meditation

If one were to successfully plan out our lives to the most minute detail, not only would one learn nothing, but one’s heart would get bored and stop dreaming.

There is no heart in a plan. This doesn’t mean plans should be shunned as there is a place for them (to an extent), but it does mean one shouldn’t be married to any plan. Anything that could happen, will happen and has already happened. Each choice you make echoes, reflects & refracts off time and space to shape our futures in this lifetime’s current.

This is one of the things that’s so amazing about being human. Not only do we have the potential to recognize a limited, yet wide scope of choices, but we have such freedom to seemingly make an unlimited amount of choices, and each one is going to give us a nudge into a certain reality, the reality where we made that choice to say, talk to the next person we see on the street (who probably wasn’t planning on that by the way).

But here’s where things get a little tricky. To what extent do our choices affect others? To what extent do our choices affect the world around us? To an extent, the choices of others affect us. Many people speculate on that through various means, and in reality, right now, only time will tell. But this is another one of life’s paradoxes, in that on one hand we have this unlimited freedom to make many choices, and yet to an extent our choices are bound by the choices of other!

I’m not going to say something pedantic like “choose wisely” because I know each person is going to make whatever choices they are going to make. But, now that you’ve read this, and it cannot be un-learned, just remember to choose consciously. At least think before you make a choice, at minimum give each choice five seconds of thought. That’s all, see what happens.


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