Learning from Fears

Our fears can teach us a great deal about ourselves. They are the driving force of our need to seek control over certain things at various times instead of allowing and surrendering (letting go).

But often, we can learn so much from our fears. Maybe there’s some past trauma we are unaware of. Maybe we’re more intimidated of something than we realize. But our fears, as the name implies, are scary and so we try to avoid instead of understand. I’m not condemning that, as its neither positive or negative, just an observation.

However, if we put even a little effort into looking at our fears as something to learn from instead of avoid I think many of us would grow and heal at an exponential rate beyond our wildest imaginations. By doing this, we are also accepting these fears as part of ourselves.

What do your fears reveal about you?

What are you learning from your fears?


 Should you be interested, here rests a poem I wrote on this subject.


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