Fire Within

Often, fire represents spirit/feeling/emotions/heart.

There is a fire within all of us. That fire is our light (sun) & warmth in dark places. We are all light, and it is in everyone. But, the light of some might be smoldering for various reasons. So others choose to reignite their fire or eventually allow it to die.

I’m reminded of the meme that is passed around sometimes about feeding the two wolves. While it is admirable to share in order to understand parts of ourselves, it is ultimately misleading, because it focuses on duality.

A better metaphor could be feeding a fire, and the fire transmutes whatever you feed it, akin to the saying, “You are what you eat.”

But there is another step to this. Since fire transmutes matter into another form, we must be conscious of how and what we are transforming, and the intent behind this dance.

Whatever you feed the fire has much potential for positivity or negativity. But, regardless of the positivity or negativity,  one must be careful of feeding the fire because it can still burn you either way! Ultimately, we are in control of feeding the fire. We have the power to shine that light wherever we want. But, upon deciding to shine said light, we must also be conscious of why and when, as it is rewriting patterns within.


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