5 Divine Actions

Everyone has their own subset of ritual or activity to get closer to Great Spirit (Source, God, Allah, Yahweh, God-head, The Universe, The Divine, Creator, Nature, etc). Not to mention, everyone has their individual tolerance for each of these, but I have observed that Laughter, Crying, Orgasm, Creating and Learning  are the best ways to meet and dance with the divine.

Most of these I have spoken of before, but wanted to get a little more in depth.

Not only is laughter grounding and allows one to see from other perspectives, it’s mentioned in various religious texts (like the Talmud) as something quite special. On a physiological level, laughter might be one of the best natural medicines out there.


I think many people associate crying with pain and unpleasant things, yet its one of our most basic reactions to things. As humans, compared to the rest of our emotional spectrum, we’ve been crying and laughing the longest. Crying is cleansing. So much is released from our bodies during a good cry, and it’s surprisingly healthy.


Merging (sex), if done properly, can blast you off into various dimensions of ecstatic bliss. Unfortunately, both this action and learning are probably the most mishandled and mistreated. Nonetheless, there are those out there who understand the physical and spiritual power of an orgasm. In fact, “the brain during an orgasm looks much like the brain of a person taking heroin; 95% of it is the same.


Making art is healing, and in some cases it turns off certain areas in your brain, your inner critic, so that you can create. Personally, I also see creating art (or anything, meals count) as something holy. It’s sharing a moment and opening yourself up so deep to allow greater forces to move through.


Like creativity, I also see learning as a holy task, as it’s the evolution of your mind and thought patterns remembering more pieces of the puzzle that is our collective consciousness.


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