Moving Through

Moving through frustrations, fears and pain is a multifaceted process without a destination. All of these ideas and triggers surrounding said fears, frustration and pain can be moved through in various ways which allow for a release/letting go.

Art allows for various emotional releases and decompression; be it drawing, dancing (one of my favorites), singing (drumming or music in general), writing (my other favorite), sculpting, welding, etc. I often write poetry in order to move through all kinds of emotional releases.

But sometimes that might either not be enough or effective moving through some things, which is why there are also various physical ways to move through these things as well, including wrestling, exercising, meditation or some kind of ritual. Often, when I feel frustrated, I do push-ups.

You can also allow emotion to move through you in various sonic ways like screaming, laughing, crying or orgasm.

Our bodies natural reaction when moving through these things is to tense up/clench when in reality it might not be serving us. Two examples that come to mind are swimming and tattoos. When jumping from great heights into water; people have been known to break bones because they tense up. Another example is that I found when getting my tattoo on my back, tensing up hurt more, but when I started moving my arms and hands, that was a way for the pain to move through my body.

Remember, sometimes nothing should be done, except sitting and being too, but it is up to you to decide when that is.


Connected to the World

When one listens in silence to the surrounding world, oftentimes one cannot help but hear oneself, even amongst blades of grass, or a springtime breeze. This is because we are inherently connected to the world around us.

Even though we are simultaneously not connected, otherwise, we wouldn’t be here, in our human forms. Part of the universal paradox, to be simultaneously connected and not, so that we, as part of the universe can understand more about ourselves and actually connect deeper on a subjective and empathetic level instead of simply an omniscient objective level.


Inner Peace

For many, inner peace (in whatever form that means to you) is a lifelong dance, and part of what we must be at peace with is that fact that we will not always be at peace.

But this doesn’t mean we should embrace an aggressive and brash “step on everyone’s toes” mentality, no does it mean we should just not pursue peace because it take a while. How does either help us evolve? It doesn’t.

But, by the same token, we must also show compassion for those who subscribe to either above philosophy, for they are part of the puzzle that not only build our strength, but also provide us with another point of view. Doesn’t mean we have to accept it, but it doesn’t mean we get defensive and/or combative about it either. Just because someone has another point of view doesn’t mean you have to agree, and by the same token again if you have another point of view it doesn’t mean you should hurl it over everyone like a fire blanket and try to convince someone your point of view is superior. Sure, you’re excited to share with everyone, wonderful! But some self awareness and empathy is also encouraged before you decide to share.

I realize I’m still moving through and learning this myself. Sometimes I might hear someone say something that I perceive is idiotic, ridiculous or unconscionable. I might think, “How can someone think that?” but then I remember there are 7.1 billion people on the planet, so chances are pretty high I’m going to run in to a few folks who think and perceive the exact opposite of me!

All of us, myself included, are looking to accept and allow that not only are we copacetic with ourselves, but also with people who who do not think, feel and act like us.

In the last few months, I’ve discovered that half of life is being able to accept and live with one’s self, and the other half is being able to accept and live with others. Again, it doesn’t mean you have to agree with everyone, but it does mean one should accept the differences of opinion and perception.


Easy Surrender

Surrendering/letting go is easy after one has done it once because then you know it’s possible to do it again.


Capacity to love

Everyone has the capacity to give/receive love.

But as we grow, our minds are able to comprehend more and more of the world (but another life’s paradox for most is that we can only hold so much information at once), and sometimes an overzealous society and parents are quick to tell and show us what is deemed “acceptable love.”

And as this happens while we grow, the general definition and our personal definition of love continues to be diluted through various means. Then suddenly, we are chained down and we have all these subsets of love, friendship, frienemies, acquaintances, friends with benefits, total strangers, etc. But love is.

We all know love. If you asked someone, they might say “I know it when I see/feel it,” because its one of those things.

But if/when one moves past all that, then there’s something else. At various times, some people are more apt to giving love while others might be more apt to receive love. While both are great in and of themselves, if you find yourself on just one side of this coin then you are not handling love properly. And it gets even more complicated sometimes with couples, as occasionally the other half might attempt to dictate what kind of love it is ok to show to others. Some people in relationships get real insecure about this kind of stuff. But that’s not love. But maybe they didn’t know that! Maybe, through their parents, culture or society, they’ve been told that the dictating of what is and isn’t love is love. But it’s not.

All of us know love, it’s the place we come from before we jump out of a woman. That’s why it’s so important to show a child as much love and compassion as possible, because if we do that, then the amount of love they will be able to give/receive would be profoundly unbelievable!

But the moment one start filling a child’s head with definitions and labels of love is a moment when the child will be struggling to remember the true-true of love.

Love is it.
We are.
It is.


Creating Patterns

We create all kinds of patterns all the time.

It can be something as simple as eating oatmeal every morning or more complex like how my muscles tense up when I speak to certain people. All of these patterns are wonderful rhythms to our lives, but part of life’s dichotomy is not getting too caught up in these patterns that they become us. Sometimes we aren’t even aware of certain patterns, and sometimes we must even cease some or all of these patterns in we want to evolve.


Thought Breeze

We must remember that our thoughts and/or feelings are like a breeze. Although they sometimes can blow us over, we have the power to control the gusts.


Money and Flow

This is something I’ve thought about for many years, and even now, parts of it are still frustrating.

On one hand, I remember the words a lovely being in Canada once told me about the “new currency.” 

But I’m also a bit of a pragmatist and realize the current need for this rather goofy system/addiction. And the sad part is, just like an addiction, if we were to cut off the world’s money supply tomorrow, there would be complete chaos and people would die. This is how entrenched the monetary system is in our world.

There are two quite attributed to Bill Hicks which I think aptly illustrate some thoughts about “money,”

Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks on our purpose.

This whole “money” and “no money” thing is an addiction, but it’s an addiction in the way we’re told to think about and use it. I think it’s easy for many to get caught up in the mindset of “I need more = happiness.” Many leaders want us to live in this dangling carrot in front of the horse mindset, and want us to think that money equals power. But money is just paper and cheap metals.

It’s also equally as easy to get caught up in the damnation and renunciation of money too. Everyone who says “Money is evil” are giving money and that schema more power, especially the power to do and work for evil.

This is partially why I often write uplifting and conscious shifting words all over my money and encourage others to do the same.

We also have to recognize that some people would rather and are better suited for living a life without the confines of a monetary system. And to those who do I sincerely hope they know what they are getting into and have the aptitude for bartering, trade and sharing and are able to find or create communities where this is an acceptable form of transaction.

We must also recognize that some people are comfortable within the current system, and that is ok too. Money does offer a certain amount of comfort because bartering isn’t always easy and it eliminates a certain amount of thinking.

Another lovely being I met in Canada explained that they call money “flow,” because when they give it to people and places, they are giving something that is helping them flow through their reality a little easier in whatever way they see fit to use said “flow.” This also sort of ties in with the phrase, “You vote with your money.” This phrase I find equally repulsive and empowering. It’s repulsive because it would be awesome if more of us were voting with our hearts and presence.

But, it’s also empowering because if many more decided to become less apathetic and actually do research into all the places and people that create and distribute the products and foods all of us consume on a daily basis, we could put our flow into building and helping local places and other people who are genuinely doing “good.” A good example of this The David Lynch foundation. Without a certain amount of money, these people couldn’t be introducing TM into schools, homeless shelterprisons and military persons with PTSD. Money can do some good. (I’m not endorsed or affiliated with The David Lynch Foundation in anyway, but I do encourage people to donate)

Another example is McDonald’s, it’s been losing money for the last year or two, and I’d like to think that’s partially because more are awakening to the idea of other healthier alternatives. This needs to happen with more places in the meantime while more of us continue to support various ways to wene our dependency on the flow.



The Line

Where is the line for allowing things to be vs. being proactive?


Living is honoring

Sometimes other people talk about not being “spiritual” enough or honoring Great Spirit in a multitude of ways.

I find these folks need a gentle reminder that living is honoring Great Spirit. But sometimes this isn’t enough for some people, they feel like they should be doing more. When speaking with some of these folks, I ask them what they feel like they should be doing, and some might reply with a few ideas. But then when I ask them why they aren’t taking steps to these ideas, they are often tripped up, or they don’t feel it is enough.

But being and living is enough, and sometimes being with ourselves is what is needed, especially in times of anxiousness and/or doubt. This can be the most healing thing.


May we grok

May we grok love in this lifetime.


Difficult Living

Some days seem to be more difficult to live than others.

Could be any number of reasons for this, but most seem to boil down to things “not going right.” How you move through these days says more about you than when you move through those fun and easy days.

Notice where your mind goes on those days. Does it get angry? Sad? Happy? Whimsical? Where are your reactions and feelings coming from on those hard days?

It’s easy to say “All is as it needs to be,” especially because I’m not you and living through what you’re living and moving through on those days. But, from my perspective, these days roll on like a storm, staying for a while, getting you a little wet and scared and then move on and then sun shines brightly. But sometimes it takes a while. Man does it take a while sometimes!

But there is always light to be found, waiting for you somewhere.  And once you can accept that, it makes the hurt of those days fade away exponentially.


War on Consciousness

I’ve been hesitant to use the a phrase coined by Graham Hancock, but over the years I am seeing the battle lines of the “War on Consciousness” much more clearly. Not trying to be alarmist, but there is a war on consciousness, but it’s covert, if not perhaps inadvertent. Graham Hancock elucidates quite eloquently his views on the subject, but I feel like he paints in broad brushstrokes and I wanted to get a little more specific.

Ultimately, there is a war on thinking and reasoning, propagated by many of us, not simply because of our tolerance, but also our apathy. A big part of this are various institutions  and people who are trying to foster more and more closed minds. This is happening as these various institutions try to tell, sell and convince us that there is only one way to go about understanding or perceiving. These forces would have us turn off our minds &/or lull us into an automatic pilot mode rather than, as Timothy Leary once proposed, “Turn on, tune in and drop out.”

This is especially prevalent in four areas of society; politics, religion, health and as a byproduct of the other three, culture. To be clear, my intention isn’t to slam the philosophies of any religion or the concept of politics, but rather many of the leaders within these institutions who claim there is only one way.

In politics, you often have liberals saying their proposals and viewpoints are the only way, and conservatives say their proposals and viewpoints are the only answer. In many countries, politics has become nothing more than a theatrical shouting match between childish adults that whips each side into a frenzy over something, engaging more in diatribe and less in dialogue. Neil DeGrasse Tyson said it best,

Granted, he is speaking from his perspective about the US Congress, and not of political parties over the world, but the fact remains that in many places, there is not an allowance of thought and reasoning, as many of our leaders come from the same perspective. I don’t see politics as a thing that should be dividing us, but instead it should be uniting us. The other part of many political agendas, perhaps unknowingly, is that they lead people to focus on their whole country instead of their local surroundings. Many, not all, but many who attempt to change things at higher levels of government are met with extreme amounts of resistance, when instead the many should be focusing on local elections and local governing bodies that have much more of a direct impact on their daily living.


Many religious leaders use a variety of dogma in an attempt to get their followers to conform. Many people will say that their religion is the only way to salvation, bliss, nirvana, etc and that couldn’t be further from the truth of nature. There are many ways to move through this world and be considered a “good” person. There is no one way or one person who can take or bring you to your own salvation. Jesus, Buddha, whoever are in the food you eat, your actions, your thoughts, your words, etc. We are separated together from source, and in this life, each of us have varying lessons to learn. Different people hold some of the keys, but you hold most of them.


My original thought of health was thinking specifically of dieting, but I realized it could be expanded to overall health and wellness. Because we are all different and individuals experiencing life from a different perspective, some aspects of health work better for others. For some, chemotherapy works and that’s great. For others, holistic practices work better, great! But there isn’t simply one right way.

A large problem within this industry is that many feel most apathetic in this area, Maybe they feel like they don’t know enough, that it’s too technical, too polarizing, not sure. But this area and politics seem to be littered with people who simply shrug shoulders, saying “Well this is how things are.” Maybe it’s because many are unaware of the shear amount of backroom deals made with doctors or just exactly what is in our food,


Culture is a byproduct of the other three, but after a while, it begins to take a form by itself. I mention culture specifically because of the obtrusive labeling that culture seems to encourage. This seems to be especially prevalent in terms of the millennial generation, and the arrows and barbs that continue to be thrown at this large group despite their seeming innovative and cleansing nature.

And, much like politics, this process is creating an “us vs. them” mentality with generational bickering instead of harmony. Terrence KcKenna explained culture best in a small diatribe in one of his lectures,

These are some of the large areas where this metaphorical war is being waged on thought processes and reasoning. I don’t know, nor do I care if it is something sinister being perpetrated by a cabal of devious miscreants simply trying to suck up all the power for themselves or the inadvertent work of reckless child leaders who don’t have the foresight to see thirty seconds into the future. What does matter is our ability to think, be and live to the fullest fo freedoms, and we cannot do this when others are attempting to dictate our schemas and consciousnesses.


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