Difficult Living

Some days seem to be more difficult to live than others.

Could be any number of reasons for this, but most seem to boil down to things “not going right.” How you move through these days says more about you than when you move through those fun and easy days.

Notice where your mind goes on those days. Does it get angry? Sad? Happy? Whimsical? Where are your reactions and feelings coming from on those hard days?

It’s easy to say “All is as it needs to be,” especially because I’m not you and living through what you’re living and moving through on those days. But, from my perspective, these days roll on like a storm, staying for a while, getting you a little wet and scared and then move on and then sun shines brightly. But sometimes it takes a while. Man does it take a while sometimes!

But there is always light to be found, waiting for you somewhere.  And once you can accept that, it makes the hurt of those days fade away exponentially.


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