Money and Flow

This is something I’ve thought about for many years, and even now, parts of it are still frustrating.

On one hand, I remember the words a lovely being in Canada once told me about the “new currency.” 

But I’m also a bit of a pragmatist and realize the current need for this rather goofy system/addiction. And the sad part is, just like an addiction, if we were to cut off the world’s money supply tomorrow, there would be complete chaos and people would die. This is how entrenched the monetary system is in our world.

There are two quite attributed to Bill Hicks which I think aptly illustrate some thoughts about “money,”

Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks on our purpose.

This whole “money” and “no money” thing is an addiction, but it’s an addiction in the way we’re told to think about and use it. I think it’s easy for many to get caught up in the mindset of “I need more = happiness.” Many leaders want us to live in this dangling carrot in front of the horse mindset, and want us to think that money equals power. But money is just paper and cheap metals.

It’s also equally as easy to get caught up in the damnation and renunciation of money too. Everyone who says “Money is evil” are giving money and that schema more power, especially the power to do and work for evil.

This is partially why I often write uplifting and conscious shifting words all over my money and encourage others to do the same.

We also have to recognize that some people would rather and are better suited for living a life without the confines of a monetary system. And to those who do I sincerely hope they know what they are getting into and have the aptitude for bartering, trade and sharing and are able to find or create communities where this is an acceptable form of transaction.

We must also recognize that some people are comfortable within the current system, and that is ok too. Money does offer a certain amount of comfort because bartering isn’t always easy and it eliminates a certain amount of thinking.

Another lovely being I met in Canada explained that they call money “flow,” because when they give it to people and places, they are giving something that is helping them flow through their reality a little easier in whatever way they see fit to use said “flow.” This also sort of ties in with the phrase, “You vote with your money.” This phrase I find equally repulsive and empowering. It’s repulsive because it would be awesome if more of us were voting with our hearts and presence.

But, it’s also empowering because if many more decided to become less apathetic and actually do research into all the places and people that create and distribute the products and foods all of us consume on a daily basis, we could put our flow into building and helping local places and other people who are genuinely doing “good.” A good example of this The David Lynch foundation. Without a certain amount of money, these people couldn’t be introducing TM into schools, homeless shelterprisons and military persons with PTSD. Money can do some good. (I’m not endorsed or affiliated with The David Lynch Foundation in anyway, but I do encourage people to donate)

Another example is McDonald’s, it’s been losing money for the last year or two, and I’d like to think that’s partially because more are awakening to the idea of other healthier alternatives. This needs to happen with more places in the meantime while more of us continue to support various ways to wene our dependency on the flow.



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