Capacity to love

Everyone has the capacity to give/receive love.

But as we grow, our minds are able to comprehend more and more of the world (but another life’s paradox for most is that we can only hold so much information at once), and sometimes an overzealous society and parents are quick to tell and show us what is deemed “acceptable love.”

And as this happens while we grow, the general definition and our personal definition of love continues to be diluted through various means. Then suddenly, we are chained down and we have all these subsets of love, friendship, frienemies, acquaintances, friends with benefits, total strangers, etc. But love is.

We all know love. If you asked someone, they might say “I know it when I see/feel it,” because its one of those things.

But if/when one moves past all that, then there’s something else. At various times, some people are more apt to giving love while others might be more apt to receive love. While both are great in and of themselves, if you find yourself on just one side of this coin then you are not handling love properly. And it gets even more complicated sometimes with couples, as occasionally the other half might attempt to dictate what kind of love it is ok to show to others. Some people in relationships get real insecure about this kind of stuff. But that’s not love. But maybe they didn’t know that! Maybe, through their parents, culture or society, they’ve been told that the dictating of what is and isn’t love is love. But it’s not.

All of us know love, it’s the place we come from before we jump out of a woman. That’s why it’s so important to show a child as much love and compassion as possible, because if we do that, then the amount of love they will be able to give/receive would be profoundly unbelievable!

But the moment one start filling a child’s head with definitions and labels of love is a moment when the child will be struggling to remember the true-true of love.

Love is it.
We are.
It is.


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