Inner Peace

For many, inner peace (in whatever form that means to you) is a lifelong dance, and part of what we must be at peace with is that fact that we will not always be at peace.

But this doesn’t mean we should embrace an aggressive and brash “step on everyone’s toes” mentality, no does it mean we should just not pursue peace because it take a while. How does either help us evolve? It doesn’t.

But, by the same token, we must also show compassion for those who subscribe to either above philosophy, for they are part of the puzzle that not only build our strength, but also provide us with another point of view. Doesn’t mean we have to accept it, but it doesn’t mean we get defensive and/or combative about it either. Just because someone has another point of view doesn’t mean you have to agree, and by the same token again if you have another point of view it doesn’t mean you should hurl it over everyone like a fire blanket and try to convince someone your point of view is superior. Sure, you’re excited to share with everyone, wonderful! But some self awareness and empathy is also encouraged before you decide to share.

I realize I’m still moving through and learning this myself. Sometimes I might hear someone say something that I perceive is idiotic, ridiculous or unconscionable. I might think, “How can someone think that?” but then I remember there are 7.1 billion people on the planet, so chances are pretty high I’m going to run in to a few folks who think and perceive the exact opposite of me!

All of us, myself included, are looking to accept and allow that not only are we copacetic with ourselves, but also with people who who do not think, feel and act like us.

In the last few months, I’ve discovered that half of life is being able to accept and live with one’s self, and the other half is being able to accept and live with others. Again, it doesn’t mean you have to agree with everyone, but it does mean one should accept the differences of opinion and perception.


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