Moving Through

Moving through frustrations, fears and pain is a multifaceted process without a destination. All of these ideas and triggers surrounding said fears, frustration and pain can be moved through in various ways which allow for a release/letting go.

Art allows for various emotional releases and decompression; be it drawing, dancing (one of my favorites), singing (drumming or music in general), writing (my other favorite), sculpting, welding, etc. I often write poetry in order to move through all kinds of emotional releases.

But sometimes that might either not be enough or effective moving through some things, which is why there are also various physical ways to move through these things as well, including wrestling, exercising, meditation or some kind of ritual. Often, when I feel frustrated, I do push-ups.

You can also allow emotion to move through you in various sonic ways like screaming, laughing, crying or orgasm.

Our bodies natural reaction when moving through these things is to tense up/clench when in reality it might not be serving us. Two examples that come to mind are swimming and tattoos. When jumping from great heights into water; people have been known to break bones because they tense up. Another example is that I found when getting my tattoo on my back, tensing up hurt more, but when I started moving my arms and hands, that was a way for the pain to move through my body.

Remember, sometimes nothing should be done, except sitting and being too, but it is up to you to decide when that is.


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