Media Outlets Fire

At one point and time, the news and media outlets we consumed would tell us the location of a fire and help us understand how it started. Today, it feels like many news and media outlets pour gasoline over the fire.

Not all, but many.


Our Deep Selves.

It is important to remember the vastness of ourselves.

Sometimes we can become entangled in the depth of the surrounding world, and also the depth of others around us. But if we don’t remind ourselves of our own profound awareness and intuition, we are ignoring some of the most exciting and learned parts of the world.



I don’t speak as much as I used to.

When I was a boy and teenager I could be quite the motormouth. I was also impatient.

In the last several years, I think my body and spirit are understand the power and magic behind sounds, and even simply listening. Just listening allows me to stay closer to the moment.

I don’t remember who said it, but several actors over the years have spoken about the philosophy behind “acting is reacting.” While this statement could be understood in several different ways, what I hear is that the power to listen and react, without projecting or thinking of what you’re going to say next is much more powerful, because sometimes, it is the reaction that can leave a much larger impact than the initial action.


Dead-ish in Living Nature

I didn’t intend for this post to coincide with Earth Day, it just happened this way. 

Every day we are closer to death and one day we will actually die. I hope this doesn’t bum too many people out because it’s going to happen regardless if it is or isn’t scheduled it into your phones or on Facebook. It’s one of Nature’s (God’s, The Universe’s, Allah, Yahweh, The Divine, The Creator, The Almighty, etc) natural cycles that we all participate in but ignore at the same time.

Over the years, many have distanced themselves from death, for obvious reasons though, as it can be a scary thing and/or because unlike our ancestors, there’s a high percentage chance we’re going to live longer thanks to various miracle breakthroughs over the years. So naturally, we’ve become much more distant thanks to our western cultural heritage (for many of us) which has made our reverence of death dwindle.

Because of this continued loss of recognition of our natural cycle of mortality, we’ve also lost some respect for Nature (God, etc).

And yet, when someone dies, many of us still go through the ritual of scattering ashes, burying  or funeral pyre. That reverence hasn’t been completely lost, since it is one of the first modalities of spirituality recorded in human history. We, as humans, have been creating death rituals almost since we showed up, some more elaborate (the pyramids) than others. So there is still this respect of our fellow human after their walking life has expired. And yet, we’re still doing them a grave disservice.

You’d think we’d have more respect for our soon to be deceased considering we’re returning to Nature in some form, as some bodies are going into the ground, some ashes are being scattered in the air. You’d think we’d want to keep the air, water and earth clean for our dead that we seem to respect so much. 


Swimming in Each Other

We are all celestial pools of melodically mercurial emotion, thoughts and understanding.

Every day, various people dive into us as we into them, except all of us are in control of the depths one can swim within. Each person’s flow is unique, their iridescent pools vary in hue, temperature and brightness depending on a multitude of stimuli, experiences and perception. Because of this, we need to be aware of certain hazards as we can be burned, numbed or even drown in one’s occasional whirlpools of foamy, cutting waters.  We must also remember we are always in control of our own flow and only our own flow. Sometimes we may have limited influence over someone else’s waters, just as the sun has limited influence of the temperature.  At any given time and any moment, one’s own waters can be placid or turbulent. 

Some days, some of us feel the need to put up “NO DIVING” signs, and it’s up to all of us to honor that request.

Should we so choose, we can even dive in to our selves! But we don’t have to dive, we can wade into the pools too, as sometimes that is preferred, as some insist on more gentle methods.


Emotional Rhythm

Each emotion has a rhythm. It might be slightly different per each person, but each rhythm, regardless of person, is its own song.

I think sometimes that’s what people hear and understand first, perhaps subconsciously in others and themselves. But it’s important to remember, we are the maestro’s of our rhythms. It doesn’t mean we have to control them often, but it’s important to remember we can, so the symphony of our celestial bodies doesn’t doesn’t become off.


Walking Path

All of us cannot walk on the same rainbow road (bridge, path, incline, stairway, journey, etc) at the same time. Life would be boring and predictable. But more importantly, the road cannot hold all of us at the same time.


Developing Children

Learning and understanding the world, especially emotionally is critically important for a child’s evolution.

Not just a child’s evolution, but each generation’s evolution. In many parts of many “cultures,” society continues to de-emphasize play and understanding, instead choosing to adopt a learning and memorization curriculum for their children.

Several studies and books have been written about how many leaders in political and business realms might be borderline sociopaths. And as I continue to learn more about psychopathic and sociopathic maladies, I see a pattern in many, in that, especially with the more extreme living conditions and pressures (& traumas) the child is subjected to, the more likely they are to develop into some kind psychological &/or sociological disorder.


Because they aren’t being allowed to grow normally, if at all. Many (not all) families who have entered into politics and business are often passing down their legacies to their children, hoping or insisting they will keep the family business going or keep the family name in politics or whatever, implying their child’s future is set.

I believe, a child, at heart wants to explore and understand as much of the world as possible. But has little incentive to do so if it’s perceived future is “set” or limited. If a child is not given the opportunity to explore and grow, it will over many years, well into adulthood, cease developing various emotional centers and instead of growing out or past certain reactions, will hold them closer, partially out of comfortability, but also because it’s not being encouraged to explore and understand.

So it’s no wonder that many (not all) politicians and business people develop partial or in some cases, maybe even full blown psychotic or sociopathic disorders, because suddenly there’s a disconnect between their emotional understanding and their mental understanding.

Please note this isn’t to say not letting a child eat dirt or allowing a child to take business classes is going to make them a psychopath, or anything like that. These things are partially conditioned and take years to fully manifest themselves.

What is being said is that we need to be sensitive to the energies and minds of children so as to foster a sense of exploration and growth in all areas.


The Mind’s Expectations

I think many of our minds are sometimes like little children when one might ask how much ice cream they would like to eat, and they might say something like “I’d like to eat all the ice cream…in the world!” And as delicious and cute as that may be, it’s also (I’m fairly certain) impossible.

Our minds create all kinds of expectations, and then we sometimes become attached to certain ones.

Occasionally, as I’m preparing to meditate, my mind will whisper something like,
“We’re going to do an hour or two of meditation today.” And while my mind might have good intentions, I feel obliged to tell my mind,

“Let’s just see what happens. I could have an amazing ten minute meditation that fulfills and lights my being fantastical rainbow colors and shimmering dragon fly wings for several days.”

In the past, I might have become attached to that idea and tried. Now, it’s not to say I cannot meditate for an hour, and I know I can and have countless times, when it just happens that way. The mind plays these little tricks and sets up these traps, almost to see if we’ll take the bait, which is inevitably in some way setting us up for disappointment and unneeded frustration.

Sometimes the mind just becomes quite excited, and we have to remember how to communicate with our mind instead of jumping into the traps (however well-intentioned they may be).


Moments of Others

When one is “present” or in the now, it is almost always quite a lovely experience. Not only are there endless possibilities, but there is a certain serenity present. Our day is full of present moments, sometimes with ourselves, sometimes with something else like a book or painting (creating or enjoying).

And then sometimes it is with others, and here’s where our minds make things more complicated.

So imagine that you’re sitting silently somewhere, having a moment. Maybe you’re reading, maybe you’re meditating. And then imagine one of your friends comes by, asking if you’d like to do this thing with them and some friends. Now, in that moment, two things are happening simultaneously. One, your friend is really asking if you’d like to spend a few moments with them at this time. Two, your mind is thinking either that you’d like to spend a few moments with them. Or it’s wondering why they’re interrupting your moment? And then, depending on how you respond another of three things will happen. Maybe you agree and everything is copacetic. Maybe you decline (politely or otherwise), which then either gets your friend wondering why you don’t want to spend a few moments with them or it’s no big deal to them.

And sometimes we can feel when others would rather us be doing something else instead of being in the moment.

Each moment is either a moment with yourself or with others (sometimes both!), and how you move through and honor those moments with your integrity and code of morals (or whatever makes you YOU) determines the ripples of your actions.


Storm Rain

Most days I enjoy the sunlight. Sometimes when clouds congeal and engulf the light, I may get sad or anxious sometimes, until I remind myself that I also enjoy the rain!


Oh God

Before getting into the crux of this, it seems necessary for me to clarify on my relationship with God, Yahweh, Allah, Great Spirit, Nature, Mother Earth/Father Sky, The Divine, The Universe, The Creator etc. and any other names/labels we have bestowed.

God is.
Love is.
It is.
We are.

To elaborate, God is when my fleshy feet first touch the warm, wet petrichor perfumed ground after a rain. God is the ground. God was the rain. God is the sun precariously peeking out from gray clouds, shining down a single ray. God is also the clouds sliding over the sun again in a slow celebration. God is in the rhythm of my breath and heartbeat syncing when I sit under a dogwood tree to meditate. God is the iridescent persimmon and poppy red electric flower of life patterns I sometimes see once I’ve closed my eyes.

I’ve hugged and sung God, as a dogwood tree, a serene and supple song. God was also the song.

God is that rushing and gurgling sensation when I have to take a shit. God is also the shit that kept me in the washroom for ten minutes. God is the toilet that had to endure my hairy bum and then slurp the poo into pipes.

God is the person who has taken umbrage at my previous metaphor. God is the words either spoken or typed from that person to me. God is the slight frustration fuming and heating my heartbeat, reddening my cheeks as  feel a minor bit (maybe 5-10%) insulted as someone feels the need to project their labels unto me. God is again the detaching breath that reminds me this whole thing is absurd.

God is.
Love is.
It is.
We are.

I could go on, but we don’t have infinity in this current, fleshy form. But I hope you receive my point. If not, I’m more than happy to elaborate through messaging of some sorts or the comments below.

God is.
Love is.
It is.
We are.

This is why I see this whole debate and occasional argument about God to be useless. God is as much a being one can pray to inasmuch as God is also a decomposing, buried body with worms chewing on the toes. God is also the worms and dirt. God is science and dogma.

Instead of focusing on how to live and w with other people, many of us on this planet are still trying to define this vast and infinite force. Deep down, all of us know what is and is not. But many of us are getting caught up the in the minutia of pointless garbled egos. Thou art God. But at the same time we are not completely all one with God because we are here, now…together experiencing ourselves subjectively which is quite the amazing paradox! But deep down, we know the people who are not representing the true-true. Not everyone can. But I will say this, what if you replaced the word God with Love in whatever books and stories we have. Can you imagine the shift in perception that would cause?

I’m just saying what if we all put that same passion and reverence toward love as we do this rather silly debate that should really be put to bed? Deep down, we know, we grok.

God is.
Love is.
It is.
We are.



Our hearts are much more delicate than perhaps we realize.

In an instant, the rhythm of our heartbeat can be affected by angry shouting several feet away (that might not even be directed toward us) or even someone smiling at us.

Notice the rhythm of your heartbeat once in a while. Who has affected it today?


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