Moments of Others

When one is “present” or in the now, it is almost always quite a lovely experience. Not only are there endless possibilities, but there is a certain serenity present. Our day is full of present moments, sometimes with ourselves, sometimes with something else like a book or painting (creating or enjoying).

And then sometimes it is with others, and here’s where our minds make things more complicated.

So imagine that you’re sitting silently somewhere, having a moment. Maybe you’re reading, maybe you’re meditating. And then imagine one of your friends comes by, asking if you’d like to do this thing with them and some friends. Now, in that moment, two things are happening simultaneously. One, your friend is really asking if you’d like to spend a few moments with them at this time. Two, your mind is thinking either that you’d like to spend a few moments with them. Or it’s wondering why they’re interrupting your moment? And then, depending on how you respond another of three things will happen. Maybe you agree and everything is copacetic. Maybe you decline (politely or otherwise), which then either gets your friend wondering why you don’t want to spend a few moments with them or it’s no big deal to them.

And sometimes we can feel when others would rather us be doing something else instead of being in the moment.

Each moment is either a moment with yourself or with others (sometimes both!), and how you move through and honor those moments with your integrity and code of morals (or whatever makes you YOU) determines the ripples of your actions.


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