The Mind’s Expectations

I think many of our minds are sometimes like little children when one might ask how much ice cream they would like to eat, and they might say something like “I’d like to eat all the ice cream…in the world!” And as delicious and cute as that may be, it’s also (I’m fairly certain) impossible.

Our minds create all kinds of expectations, and then we sometimes become attached to certain ones.

Occasionally, as I’m preparing to meditate, my mind will whisper something like,
“We’re going to do an hour or two of meditation today.” And while my mind might have good intentions, I feel obliged to tell my mind,

“Let’s just see what happens. I could have an amazing ten minute meditation that fulfills and lights my being fantastical rainbow colors and shimmering dragon fly wings for several days.”

In the past, I might have become attached to that idea and tried. Now, it’s not to say I cannot meditate for an hour, and I know I can and have countless times, when it just happens that way. The mind plays these little tricks and sets up these traps, almost to see if we’ll take the bait, which is inevitably in some way setting us up for disappointment and unneeded frustration.

Sometimes the mind just becomes quite excited, and we have to remember how to communicate with our mind instead of jumping into the traps (however well-intentioned they may be).


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