Developing Children

Learning and understanding the world, especially emotionally is critically important for a child’s evolution.

Not just a child’s evolution, but each generation’s evolution. In many parts of many “cultures,” society continues to de-emphasize play and understanding, instead choosing to adopt a learning and memorization curriculum for their children.

Several studies and books have been written about how many leaders in political and business realms might be borderline sociopaths. And as I continue to learn more about psychopathic and sociopathic maladies, I see a pattern in many, in that, especially with the more extreme living conditions and pressures (& traumas) the child is subjected to, the more likely they are to develop into some kind psychological &/or sociological disorder.


Because they aren’t being allowed to grow normally, if at all. Many (not all) families who have entered into politics and business are often passing down their legacies to their children, hoping or insisting they will keep the family business going or keep the family name in politics or whatever, implying their child’s future is set.

I believe, a child, at heart wants to explore and understand as much of the world as possible. But has little incentive to do so if it’s perceived future is “set” or limited. If a child is not given the opportunity to explore and grow, it will over many years, well into adulthood, cease developing various emotional centers and instead of growing out or past certain reactions, will hold them closer, partially out of comfortability, but also because it’s not being encouraged to explore and understand.

So it’s no wonder that many (not all) politicians and business people develop partial or in some cases, maybe even full blown psychotic or sociopathic disorders, because suddenly there’s a disconnect between their emotional understanding and their mental understanding.

Please note this isn’t to say not letting a child eat dirt or allowing a child to take business classes is going to make them a psychopath, or anything like that. These things are partially conditioned and take years to fully manifest themselves.

What is being said is that we need to be sensitive to the energies and minds of children so as to foster a sense of exploration and growth in all areas.


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