Swimming in Each Other

We are all celestial pools of melodically mercurial emotion, thoughts and understanding.

Every day, various people dive into us as we into them, except all of us are in control of the depths one can swim within. Each person’s flow is unique, their iridescent pools vary in hue, temperature and brightness depending on a multitude of stimuli, experiences and perception. Because of this, we need to be aware of certain hazards as we can be burned, numbed or even drown in one’s occasional whirlpools of foamy, cutting waters.  We must also remember we are always in control of our own flow and only our own flow. Sometimes we may have limited influence over someone else’s waters, just as the sun has limited influence of the temperature.  At any given time and any moment, one’s own waters can be placid or turbulent. 

Some days, some of us feel the need to put up “NO DIVING” signs, and it’s up to all of us to honor that request.

Should we so choose, we can even dive in to our selves! But we don’t have to dive, we can wade into the pools too, as sometimes that is preferred, as some insist on more gentle methods.


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