Dead-ish in Living Nature

I didn’t intend for this post to coincide with Earth Day, it just happened this way. 

Every day we are closer to death and one day we will actually die. I hope this doesn’t bum too many people out because it’s going to happen regardless if it is or isn’t scheduled it into your phones or on Facebook. It’s one of Nature’s (God’s, The Universe’s, Allah, Yahweh, The Divine, The Creator, The Almighty, etc) natural cycles that we all participate in but ignore at the same time.

Over the years, many have distanced themselves from death, for obvious reasons though, as it can be a scary thing and/or because unlike our ancestors, there’s a high percentage chance we’re going to live longer thanks to various miracle breakthroughs over the years. So naturally, we’ve become much more distant thanks to our western cultural heritage (for many of us) which has made our reverence of death dwindle.

Because of this continued loss of recognition of our natural cycle of mortality, we’ve also lost some respect for Nature (God, etc).

And yet, when someone dies, many of us still go through the ritual of scattering ashes, burying  or funeral pyre. That reverence hasn’t been completely lost, since it is one of the first modalities of spirituality recorded in human history. We, as humans, have been creating death rituals almost since we showed up, some more elaborate (the pyramids) than others. So there is still this respect of our fellow human after their walking life has expired. And yet, we’re still doing them a grave disservice.

You’d think we’d have more respect for our soon to be deceased considering we’re returning to Nature in some form, as some bodies are going into the ground, some ashes are being scattered in the air. You’d think we’d want to keep the air, water and earth clean for our dead that we seem to respect so much. 


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