Comfortable Cling

As people, we often cling, sometimes to other people or material things, but more often to various thoughts and ideas. We do this because at the core of it, there is a comfortability. Whatever justifications the mind and our selves might create for whatever clinging we do, it’s because there is a certain comfortability to this.

It’s completely justified why we cling like an infant does with a mother, but as time goes on it becomes a hinderance, as it doesn’t allow for certain growth and learning to occur. But then at the same time, there IS some learning in clinging too. But both statements do not mean everyone should stop clinging to all people and ideas nor should people cling to all people and ideas. But, there should at least be an awareness within people, to understand why they are clinging, and for what reasons.


A Small Prayer

I am grateful to Great Spirit, creator of Mother Nature and Father Sky working in tandem to create all the plant and animal spirits I have imbibed and will continue to partake. I am grateful for the separation between all of us, so that we may continue to perceive Great Spirit in this multi-dimensional experience through sounds, tastes, visions, scents and textures which connect us, bringing us closer.


Everything Must Go

Whenever we seek to let go (surrender), we must also let go of letting go.

Let go of self, both physical and spiritual.
Let go of place, space and time.
Let go of all thoughts/expectations
Let go of all emotion and attachments.
Let go of breath.



Episode 2: Binaural Beats

In episode 2, Bryce explores and learns about using binaural beats in meditation. Several of the binaural beats were pulled from youtube, while two of them are from

Feel free to follow Bryce’s meditation adventures and learnings by following him on Instagram:


Infinite Eternal Now-ness

Now is eternal.

If one is truly operating on a level of being fully present, having completely surrendered in the now-ness, one sees there is even no now, as “now” is infinite, a neverending ocean of all things. There is no destination.

It is.

This doesn’t mean one is immobile, since it is infinite and eternal. One can swim in any direction but must also remember there is no destination.



Every breath carries life and death. Words are sacred when used correctly, but intentions are wherein the magic rests.


Gonna Hurt

We, as a human species, are going to hurt others and be hurt by others.

Not all the time for many of us anyway, but for some either knowingly or unknowingly they will hurt others or be hurt by others fairly frequently.

Emotional pain, physical pain, whatever… there is hurt. But here’s the thing, ALL of US have different measurements for this hurt. One person might joke around by insulting others, perhaps that’s how they grew up. But to another person they interact with, maybe that hurts and they don’t see it as joking around. Hell, a look from one person could hurt someone else.

And it doesn’t matter if it’s a total stranger or the closest person in your entire life, you have equal chances of being hurt by both. But how we handle and move through that hurt is up to each of us. Some folks just try to move on from it as quick as possible, others maybe let it sit and occasionally fester. Still, others might be ready to forgive and move on all in one breath, yet some other folks may hold on to these things for quite sometime before they can offer forgiveness. There’s no right or wrong way, though some might have more desirable outcomes, again, it’s entirely up to each of us as to how we face these hurts.

So I ask all of you to look at this within yourself. What are your responses to hurt? Have they been beneficial to you?


Channeling the Clever Mind

For all of these thoughts about the mind being this clever tentacle-like thing that looks for ways to trap and trick us into various thought prison cycles, we must remember to greet our minds with compassion.

Our minds are still part of us, and even though our minds can be infinitely clever in terms of finding ways to trick us with this or that, this means we… ourselves are also that clever. And we can channel this cleverness into near infinite possibilities. The trick though, is being extremely conscious and aware in those moments when we are channeling this cleverness, because the mind is much like a deer also, and often once spooked it will attempt to dash off in some direction regardless if it’s of a positive or negative nature.

A major obstacle for us to overcome though, is the thousands of years we as a species have spent conditioning our minds to seek out and remember negative things. This also isn’t meant to suggest that we should ignore or dismiss any and all negative thoughts, but rather, be aware when our minds start running through this patterns.

Once aware, there are many ways to channel our clever minds.


Heaviness of Thoughts

Today I discovered the heaviness of thoughts.

During meditation, sometimes I am able to move past my babbling brook mind stream, much like surfacing for air after a deep dive. For a moment, think of the swiftness with which one is able to move after leaving a pool, there is a certain weightlessness to this. This is akin to being outside of that mind stream.

But when diving back into the water, there is pressure and tension, making movement sluggish.

Most thoughts create a pressure and/or tension to various parts of the body.Each thought is like adding another layer of wet clothing with waterlogged pockets. I could feel the difference in my body, how muscles would, even slightly tighten and harden. Various thoughts felt like whirlpools, ready to grab me under with attachment.

This isn’t to say we should we should avoid all thoughts. But it is something to take note of as we attach ourselves to various thoughts.


Sharing Meds Pilot

The new adventure has arrived! Discover and follow along with me as I seek to expand my meditation practice by learning and practicing various techniques of meditation for a week at a time.

The rest of the episodes hopefully won’t be this long or broken into different parts, but for the sake of getting some baseline readings, had to not meditate for a week then practice my regular meditations for a week.


All Beings

I am grateful to all beings; tribe, friends, family, plant spirits, animal spirits, elemental spirits, myself, ancestors of both past and future and any and all beings who have had any part in helping or hindering me on my walking path in this lifetime so far.

For we are all connected to each other by Great Spirit, the Source of all, yet we are separate in order to experience each other’s existence through a vast array of senses, dimensions and vibrations.

May all of us continue to be.



Rhythms of Love

Love changes every day.

A moment yesterday that might be considered a loving gesture could transform into something malicious today. Love is always changing and evolving.

It isn’t always what you want. It isn’t always what you need. It isn’t always cuddling and pancakes in the morning. This scares some people because they want it to be cuddling and pancakes in the morning all the time. And those who attempt to corner or stagnate the flowing nature of love into only certain parts are going to hurt the most.

It’s up to us to listen and feel these rhythms of the ever changing love. When we accept the vastness of these rhythms, we allow for a more gentle flow by being open to more possibilities of what love is and evolving towards.


Benefit of the Doubt

Doubt is not inherently bad.

Some doubt is ok as it shows an understanding of risk. But, the longer doubt lingers, it becomes a virus. When doubts wade around in your mind, impede judgements and emotions, that is when it becomes something more dangerous to you.

A little bit of doubt is ok.

It not only shows our humanity but also our openness to contrary possibilities. Some people exist to doubt though, living a life doubting so many things for whatever reason. That’s their thing, and that’s ok. It doesn’t mean anyone is “right” or “wrong,” that’s just their modus operandi. Some of these people will go so far in their doubting that they will seek out others who think/feel/believe the opposite of them and either argue, ridicule or harass as a way to change perception, because that’s a sure fireproof way to do so. But, that’s no different than some people who think/feel/believe something seeking out the doubters and do the same; argue, ridicule or harass.

But in all of this, usually, these two opposite sides strengthen each other, for better or not, which creates for more nuanced debate. And, if anything, at least people are talking to each other.


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