Who Knows Yet

On multiple occasions before now, thoughts have come to me about anger, frustration and violence.

And while, logically, one can make a distinction between what should happen and what does happen in the continuous and sometimes contentious  relationship between the heart and the mind, until one experiences certain things first hand, it is impossible to say for sure what should and could happen.

We as a people, are in a time of great upheaval. Brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters all over the world are going through a great pain be it through natural disasters or through injustice and inequality. And it’s easy to be an armchair preacher or facebook supporter/liker regardless of what paradigm your thoughts lean towards. Social media has connected us in so many unfathomable ways, yet it has simultaneously shortened our attention, patience and dampened our empathy. In an instant, anyone with an opinion regardless of how nutty or insultingly vile it is can share their thoughts.

What exacerbates this whole spectrum is many of our current media outlets feed into that, preferring to placate to extremes, which in turn.


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