Heaviness of Thoughts

Today I discovered the heaviness of thoughts.

During meditation, sometimes I am able to move past my babbling brook mind stream, much like surfacing for air after a deep dive. For a moment, think of the swiftness with which one is able to move after leaving a pool, there is a certain weightlessness to this. This is akin to being outside of that mind stream.

But when diving back into the water, there is pressure and tension, making movement sluggish.

Most thoughts create a pressure and/or tension to various parts of the body.Each thought is like adding another layer of wet clothing with waterlogged pockets. I could feel the difference in my body, how muscles would, even slightly tighten and harden. Various thoughts felt like whirlpools, ready to grab me under with attachment.

This isn’t to say we should we should avoid all thoughts. But it is something to take note of as we attach ourselves to various thoughts.


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