Channeling the Clever Mind

For all of these thoughts about the mind being this clever tentacle-like thing that looks for ways to trap and trick us into various thought prison cycles, we must remember to greet our minds with compassion.

Our minds are still part of us, and even though our minds can be infinitely clever in terms of finding ways to trick us with this or that, this means we… ourselves are also that clever. And we can channel this cleverness into near infinite possibilities. The trick though, is being extremely conscious and aware in those moments when we are channeling this cleverness, because the mind is much like a deer also, and often once spooked it will attempt to dash off in some direction regardless if it’s of a positive or negative nature.

A major obstacle for us to overcome though, is the thousands of years we as a species have spent conditioning our minds to seek out and remember negative things. This also isn’t meant to suggest that we should ignore or dismiss any and all negative thoughts, but rather, be aware when our minds start running through this patterns.

Once aware, there are many ways to channel our clever minds.


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