Gonna Hurt

We, as a human species, are going to hurt others and be hurt by others.

Not all the time for many of us anyway, but for some either knowingly or unknowingly they will hurt others or be hurt by others fairly frequently.

Emotional pain, physical pain, whatever… there is hurt. But here’s the thing, ALL of US have different measurements for this hurt. One person might joke around by insulting others, perhaps that’s how they grew up. But to another person they interact with, maybe that hurts and they don’t see it as joking around. Hell, a look from one person could hurt someone else.

And it doesn’t matter if it’s a total stranger or the closest person in your entire life, you have equal chances of being hurt by both. But how we handle and move through that hurt is up to each of us. Some folks just try to move on from it as quick as possible, others maybe let it sit and occasionally fester. Still, others might be ready to forgive and move on all in one breath, yet some other folks may hold on to these things for quite sometime before they can offer forgiveness. There’s no right or wrong way, though some might have more desirable outcomes, again, it’s entirely up to each of us as to how we face these hurts.

So I ask all of you to look at this within yourself. What are your responses to hurt? Have they been beneficial to you?


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