Listening to the Heart Rhythm

A New episode of Sharing Meds is available for your viewing pleasure. After a tumultuous week, finally got this video together about connecting with my heart while practicing Heart Rhythm Meditation.

This technique was much more challenging than anticipated. So I encourage everyone reading and watching to please peruse some of the other videos and material about heart rhythm meditation in order to get a better understanding of the various breathing methods.

Thank you for watching. Thank you for being.


We are love

Even when we or others are not reflecting/feeling/being love, we are all still love.

This is a great paradox in life, as it can sometimes feel like we or others are not acting in a way that is conducive to evolution of mind, body, spirit and habitat. And while it may be true and that IS the case on some levels, on other levels we MUST remember that those frustrating and upsetting actions are also coming from a place of love, as they are not only testing faith, but reactions.

Our reactions say much more about us than a biography on Facebook, a resume or whatever. It is within our reactions that we often reveal much more about ourselves as we can either become caught in the drama and cyclical emotional patterns of others (and ourselves), or we can choose to learn and react differently.  This isn’t to say that if someone else  (or yourself) does something that hurts you (or another) physically or emotionally that you should simply lay down like and take it. One can and should still voice displeasure as long as it is constructive, and not getting caught up in the drama and cyclical emotional patterns.


Looking at Now

My mind has and continues enjoying attempts at looking forward in time.

But more and more, I am reclaiming my own time, because I see there is nothing to look forward to, but rather accept (surrender) to looking at now. That is where being happens.


Thoughts Shatter

the silence of the mind.


Sacred Listening

Many people, including myself sometimes, might feel that merging or some other forms of action with another are most sacred.

While I agree they are up there on the list of sacred actions, they are not the top. What is at the top is listening to the heartbeat of yourself or someone else.

Not only is one listening to the life that organ generates, but one is also listening to the rhythm of that life. And not just listening to the life or the rhythm, but connecting to that energy as well. It is a most divine alignment.

Sharing Meds Episode 3: Loving-Kindness” on YouTube

Last week I explored loving-kindness meditation, also known as gratitude meditation.

What a trip!

If I’m being super transparent right now, I wasn’t finished editing this video, but due to some technical difficulties beyond my pay grade, I’m settling for this one and allowing the universe to guide me towards the lessons of accepting what is and isn’t.


Information We Think We Know

Whatever information we as a collective and as individuals know and understand for sure is merely a modicum of all the information that is out in the world.


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