Let’s Connect

Take a moment for a few deep breaths. Allow your mind to settle, be it through clearing your thoughts, focusing on breathing or however you prefer to ease your mind.

Now take some time and feel, really feel your connection to the earth. Feel what part of you body is connecting with the earth right now. Observe how that connection impacts and influences the rest of your body. How does this make you feel in general? Take a few moments to feel this connection with the earth.

As you continue to connect with the earth, take a moment to connect with the sky at the same time. Feel the differences, if any, as to how parts of your body are connecting to the sky. Observe how that connection impacts and influences the rest of your body. How does this feel as you continue to connect with the earth simultaneously?

Feel both impacts, if any, the earth and sky are having on your mind, body and spirit as you connect to both simultaneously. What does this feel like as you cultivate your focus towards only how your body is feeling as it interacts with the earth and the sky at the same time?

Take some time to be in this space, focusing on how the earth and sky are interacting with your mind, body and spirit. Allow yourself some time to simply listen and feel whatever information, if any, comes to you as you focus.


Living Conduits of Information

Everything in and on this Earth is a conduit for everything else. All one needs to do is look at the four elements to understand this concept of give/receive/give (ad. infinitum) cycles of interconnectivity.

As we continue to evolve, our minds and bodies are learning new ways to transmit all kinds of information to each other, to the rest of the world. This is both exciting and terrifying, however the crux of this idea and information  centers on our consciousness (or perhaps for some of us the lack thereof). As we, the human beings continue to evolve on all levels of mind, body and spirit, we need to be aware of not only what we are transmitting, but how.


Mind vs. Blanks

For most of us, our mind isn’t accustomed to blanks/unknown/a void.

In fact, for most of us, if at any point we come in contact with a blank/unknown/a void our mind will do its best to fill it in with something, even if it isn’t true! You could be walking along on a street somewhere and pass someone who gives you a look that is displeasing to your being, and then your mind will more than likely begin to fill in the blanks of why someone might give you said look,

“They think you’re ugly,” your mind might say.
“They’re offended by the way you looked at them,” your mind might say.
“They don’t like your race/gender, etc,” your mind might say.
“They’re having a bad day,” your mind might say.

These are also known as assumptions.

But in reality, you have no idea why said person gave you this look that rattled you/brought a gray cloud into your sunny day! Maybe that’s their normal expression when walking. Unless you ask the person, there is no way to know, and our mind’s don’t like having these blanks. Granted, in this instance, certain faces for people are hardwired into their brain to give off warning signs, be it through evolution or past experiences. But even then, this is no excuse.

I think part of why many have trouble meditating at first is because their mind isn’t used to being a space of blankness/silence (should one be participating in a meditation that promotes this sort of thing), but this is something we as people need to practice being with, so our minds can settle into these voids of blank silence.


Allow Yourself to be in Light

Focus on the light surrounding you, inhale it inside your body. Feel the light move and vibrate, illuminating the dark crevices inside as it congeals with the light inside you already, the light that burns forth, stoking passion and play and expression in various forms. Feel both of those sources merging, congealing; the light inside you now expanding, caressing your liver, lungs, heart and all other organs inside your body. Feel the light enveloping you from the inside, expanding outwards as you exhale. Feel yourself surrounded by such luminous, shimmering warmth. 

This is you if you allow yourself to be. This is you. 
This is us. 
It is. 
We are. 


Effortlessly Focused Serenity

Our minds race around, grabbing thoughts and stories of varying emotions regardless if something is true or not, partially because that’s what the mind and brain are programed to do, which is collect data and stimuli. I don’t know if this is true or not for everyone, but it seems as though sometimes the mind sometimes creates its own stimuli within us because in one sense it is fully cognizant of the endless possibilities of things that could happen to us at any moment, however unlikely. And while it’s lovely that the mind is doing this partially out of a sense of protection to us, much like a helicopter parent, it can often dominate the focus of our attention, and often not in the most positive of experiences because of its constant suffocating chatter.

But, meditation allows one to circumnavigate this. It might seem difficult at first because like fear, our mind wants to be heard. And that tricky devil the mind often employs fear as a way for us to listen. But the problem comes about when that’s all we’re listening to, which is where meditation comes into play. Meditation allows all of us a chance to effortlessly focus on serenity.

I realize this might seem like a contradiction. That’s because it is! Focus takes effort! Life’s wonderful puzzle of paradox. BUT, it is also effortless to do so, because through meditation one begins to see all they have to do is sidestep the fear and other mind chatter. We can do this in MANY many different ways. One of them involves recognizing when we’re caught up in the movie of emotions, possibility and other such stimuli by saying to ourselves (and sometimes out loud), “Ok, I’ve been caught up in this stream of stressful thoughts thinking about what to make for dinner that will please everyone, but I’m going to stop for a few moments and focus on my breath.” It’s all about shifting our focus to something else, be it our breath, our heartbeat, or perhaps a mantra. It’s very easy, yet sometimes supremely difficult to sidestep such noisy chatter, or at least our mind wants us to think and feel that it’s difficult, but again, it’s just as easy and effortless  as…


Instant Grab

In the blink of an eye, we can become tangled in any number of stories/thoughts/expectations/assumptions that our mind whispers to us.

Perhaps someone we know isn’t answering their phone, and our mind begins to spin all kinds of tales, from we’re being ignored to they’re doing it on purpose to spite us to they don’t care about me any more, etc. And we can either decide to get caught up in these different tornados of varying emotion, which is so easy to do it’s almost effortless. Or we can look at things at face value, accepting  the situation and say “I don’t know why they’re not answering their phone right now, but this is how it is and I can do nothing about it, physically or emotionally until I learn more at a future time.”


Fear Decisions

In our lives, it is a given that we will make some choices out of fear, and that is ok. It’s going to happen, but we cannot dwell on these things, just as we cannot dwell or be upset with others who do also make choices out of fear.

In some moments, we only have choices between two evils, poisons or however one wishes to describe making a less than desirable choice in a less than desirable situation. Granted, in this example, one could always choose not to choose if those are the only two options, but sometimes we can become so consumed and swept up in thinking that we have to make a choice, and so we do. And that’s ok. Forgive yourself and remember that you are already forgiven in the moment you have made that choice.

We are all human, and we are all learning this thing called life as it happens.


The second part of the first part of my video about meditating using different crystals and stones. If you’re looking to learn more about the individual stones or others not in these videos, do your own research and learn more.


Sharing Meds: Getting Stoned

On the first part of this new episode, I meditate with several stones & crystals that I’ve encountered and used before. And yes, the sound is kinda funky in the beginning, sorry about that.


Connecting Love

There is a love that connects all of us together.

The problem/obstacle is, some of us have forgotten. And while there is a certain amount of separation that exists between us, as we are all slightly different beings perceiving and understanding differently from each other, there is an energy of love that connects all of us.


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