Effortlessly Focused Serenity

Our minds race around, grabbing thoughts and stories of varying emotions regardless if something is true or not, partially because that’s what the mind and brain are programed to do, which is collect data and stimuli. I don’t know if this is true or not for everyone, but it seems as though sometimes the mind sometimes creates its own stimuli within us because in one sense it is fully cognizant of the endless possibilities of things that could happen to us at any moment, however unlikely. And while it’s lovely that the mind is doing this partially out of a sense of protection to us, much like a helicopter parent, it can often dominate the focus of our attention, and often not in the most positive of experiences because of its constant suffocating chatter.

But, meditation allows one to circumnavigate this. It might seem difficult at first because like fear, our mind wants to be heard. And that tricky devil the mind often employs fear as a way for us to listen. But the problem comes about when that’s all we’re listening to, which is where meditation comes into play. Meditation allows all of us a chance to effortlessly focus on serenity.

I realize this might seem like a contradiction. That’s because it is! Focus takes effort! Life’s wonderful puzzle of paradox. BUT, it is also effortless to do so, because through meditation one begins to see all they have to do is sidestep the fear and other mind chatter. We can do this in MANY many different ways. One of them involves recognizing when we’re caught up in the movie of emotions, possibility and other such stimuli by saying to ourselves (and sometimes out loud), “Ok, I’ve been caught up in this stream of stressful thoughts thinking about what to make for dinner that will please everyone, but I’m going to stop for a few moments and focus on my breath.” It’s all about shifting our focus to something else, be it our breath, our heartbeat, or perhaps a mantra. It’s very easy, yet sometimes supremely difficult to sidestep such noisy chatter, or at least our mind wants us to think and feel that it’s difficult, but again, it’s just as easy and effortless  as…


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