Last year I was guided toward a greater understanding of a process by which I think many of us have a limited understanding of in practice, yet an innate understanding in theory.

Many people enjoy giving, be it their time, able body, attention, food, money, love, etc. And this practice in and of itself is wonderful, because it there’s a certain feeling of selflessness that goes along with this idea of charity.

And there are others, who innately need things, and are ecstatic to receive such gifts that have been lacking in their lives for an extended period of time.

Both of these ideas in an of themselves separately, or in unison, are part of our human existence. Just as it’s easy to fall into certain mental patterns, allowing our minds to whisk us to unconscious places, it’s also easy to get become caught up in both of these ideas individually, especially givers.

I’ve noticed many people who give often become so caught up in this selfless act of giving, they actually lose themselves, and not in an Eminem type way. They get so caught up in the giving they forgot to receive. A practical example of this is someone who slaves away at their job, constantly giving giving giving their time, energy, heart and mind without taking any, or perhaps extremely limited time for themselves. And there are many justifications for this, all of them neither positive or negative.

And just as equally, there are those who become caught up in the receiving cycle too, an those people become a drain on those around them, not to mention enabling themselves in a rather lazy fashion.

Whatever the case, both extremes of this become so caught up on one side of the cycle they forget it’s a cycle!

Give/Receive/Give/Receive ad infinitum. 

We must remember to remind ourselves and each other that giving and receiving is an infinite cycle. We must also remember that as we are giving, we are also receiving, and as we are receiving we are also giving.


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