Each breath

carries a vibration that is a culmination of your heartbeat, thoughts and surrounding energies both around and within. Every one has the ability to channel said vibrations through their body to heal any part of yourself (both physical and mental). Everyone has the ability to channel said vibrations to disperse pain (both physical and mental). Everyone has the ability to dive deep into themselves for answers to complex problems, all because of the healing power of breath.


Honor the Saddness

When people are hurting, we have a choice to either listen or ignore.

Sometimes, perhaps it feels as though certain people gravitate towards sadness. Regardless if it’s a conscious decision or not, we must remember to be gentle with these beings. This isn’t to say we placate to their melancholia whims, but it is important to note their sadness, anxieties and/or other maladies means they are moving through/coming to understand something tremendous in their lives at that point in time; it’s a critical point in their journey. It means we need to honor their sadness as best we can by NOT forcing it out of them or convince them otherwise.

Sometimes these sad, hurting people will test our patience, try to hurt us, push everyone away, not face their fears, etc. This is because they are scared. And sometimes, the only option is to either allow the fear to play out or help them confront and embrace the fear in a conducive way, as long as it doesn’t involve harm to others of their own bodies. This is a tricky tightrope to walk sometimes and in many instances all we can do is listen in a way that doesn’t involve ego. 


Inevitable Repetition

Attempting not to repeat oneself or an idea is a nearly futile effort, especially as time goes on.


Ok with Unfavorable Days

We need to be OK being in a shitty mind &/or a shitty day. We need to be OK having ourselves knocked around by life/the universe. This doesn’t mean we should just roll over and allow someone to beat us senseless &/or rob us blind. But we do need to be able to accept when things are not happening in a fashion to which is pleasing.

By accepting the balance of unfavorable days that roll over us sometimes, we open ourselves to making them much less stressful and frustrating. This also opens us up for much more learning in days like this.


Technology Awareness

Upon awaking from a nap or a deep sleep, sometimes I find myself needing to record a dream or idea that has suddenly rushed into my mind, and the only tool nearby is my laptop or phone. The same can be said for some of my meditations as well.

Recently however, something has come to my attention as I continue participating in this pattern. It has become much more noticeable how much being around these technology devices alters my normal breathing and heart rate patterns.

In previous posts, I have meditated at length on the rhythms of ourselves as individuals, how others may affect those rhythms and the rhythms of nature we have been ignoring. But looking back, there doesn’t appear to be much thought on technology. I’ve met others who have described feeling various wifi signals and other manmade waves, some people even insisting that I power down my phone around them. And while I’ve never dismissed these claims, I’ve also not embraced them.

This brings us back to our beloved technology that continues to engrain itself into all parts of our lives. I can understand what these people are talking about now, especially as I deepen my meditation practice.

Something happens to my breathing and heart rate after using these tools for a while or when I’m just waking up. I don’t think it has anything to do with what I’m writing about or thinking in those given moments, but maybe it does. But it seems as though there’s something about technology that is clearly disruptive to some people.

In last year, I spent a week without internet access, but I documented my thoughts and later uploaded to Youtube.

After watching that video again, I feel as though the same thing could be said for using multiple tools of technology. This in no way means that I am rejecting all technology or calling for everyone to burn their laptops and phones. That’s impractical for many, though it may work for a few. However, we do need to become more aware of how these technologies are affecting and possibly disrupting our daily lives.

Perhaps the reason for these disruptions is due to the needs of our bodies to be used. Our bodies are not dumb, and they recognize when they are not in regular use or exercise. Some studies are starting to show various levels of disruption as well.

Normally I wouldn’t ask anyone to do this because I realize everyone has their own patterns and ways of doing things. But, the next time you meditate, or the next time you wake up from a nap or sleep, take a few minutes to use your smart phone or laptop. Notice the affects, if any in your body when you use these or other devices. Do you notice any changes in your breathing or heartbeat? Are muscles becoming tense or do they atrophy? Notice your thoughts. Are they racing or normal? Record this. Perhaps try it again another day. Perhaps nothing happens. But try and see.



Remember to Breathe

A few moments of breath can shift perspectives & stave off conflict. Remember to breathe.



Temporary Universes of Life

Each day is its own temporary universe. Each connection & relationship is its own universe. Each moment is its own temporary universe. Expecting similarities, results &/or actions from previous encounters is folly, for nothing can be as it was.



Most history as we know it is a matter of opinion, not fact. Most futures we know are a matter of theory/suggestions, not fact.


Evolving with Ourselves

We must remember to drop expectations and ideas about ourselves and the people in our lives. Everyone evolves in thought, and heart.

This isn’t to say we should blindly accept ones thoughts and opinions as fact, nor should we simply throw our trust to someone who has either consistently waffled on issues of self, society, etc.

However, the moment we think certain thoughts, ideas, traits, etc as static or immobile within oneself or others, we are setting ourselves up for impossible expectations which will more than likely lead to disappointment.


Individual Savior

Remember, one noun (person, place, thing or idea) cannot save you and/or erase all of your anxieties. It doesn’t matter if the person is a loved one or the place is a sacred or the thing is a magic crystal  or the idea is loving-kindness compassion.

Looking outside of ourselves will only carry through a certain amount of doors within, because at some point we will run into a door that only we can walk through on our own. This doesn’t mean we should wholeheartedly reject all of these other helpful nouns, but we must realize we cannot rely on other nouns to be our saviors.



Actions Ripple

Every action we take is a choice. Some choices will ripple through our entire lives while others dissolve quickly like cotton candy in the mouth.

There are infinite futures.



the nonsense of yourself, your thoughts and the world around you. For there is much to learn from the nonsense within. 😛


Love and Honor

Love yourself in every breath, but remember to understand any mistakes or misfortune. Honor any mistakes and/or misfortunes, for they are signs of immense learning.

This isn’t to say mistakes and/or misfortunes are not frustrating, nor does it mean we should simply approach these things with apathy. However, if we are to evolve beyond thoughts that rip and tear oneself to pieces which in turn distresses the body both physically and mentally, we must accept that there is learning in everything, but especially in mistakes.


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