Everyone Needs a Gentle Reminder to Breathe


Followers & dear friends,

Everyone needs a gentle reminder every now and then. Maybe you know someone who does need to be reminded to breathe. Especially during these holiday times that can be kinda stressful.

Now, normally I’m not one to mix my practice of meditation with product placement. If there was a choice, you wouldn’t even see the occasional ads at the bottom of some of my posts.

Maybe some have read about my insights on the flow behind money, or my shared thoughts about the new currency, you can get a sense of my thoughts on the whole monetary situation.

Having said that, I’m a little excited and proud to share something that might be of inspiration to others. If you feel like clicking the link below, you can purchase a whole variety of relaxing, super calming art stuffs from me, as seen in some of the images above.

No stress.
No obligations.
No worries.



I hope this should be one of the only times I do something like this. But I’m proud to share these things.

Now is Simple

Now is a sacred, silent and effortless space. In now, there is you, your breath & heartbeat. That’s it. It’s that simple. Now is THE destination and the conduit. It’s the ultimate vacay spot, the paradise of nirvana, a blessed sanctuary of solace.

It’s strange to think that sometimes we can forget we are in the now, but this shows the power of the mind, especially if we allow ourselves to follow the paths of past depressions or future anxieties. But it’s totally cool if we forget sometimes. I think that’s in our nature, part of the human experience. Luckily, our breath and heartbeat serve as constant reminders of this copacetic space within all of us.

But deep down, we know that now is always.
It is.
We are.


Ellusive Nowness

Some days, being present in now is a little more elusive.

While the delicious serenity of the silent now is always here, always around us, waiting for us to submerge ourselves in its lushness, some days it feels much more difficult to remember how to get there! But that’s very much ok. Even if we only catch a brief glimpse/feeling of it, if we allow it to, that can nourish us for days.


On Being Alone

Everyone must remember that we need to be alone sometimes, in all forms.

We need to feel and be with ourselves and only ourselves sometimes. We need to feel ourselves being hurled closer to the inevitable rebirth so we can appreciate each day, each moment. We need to feel the weight of our actions through reflection and the release and surrender of all through breath. Being alone allows for uninterrupted and untangled thoughts.


Easy Emotions to Exhibit

Several emotions are especially easy to turn on and tune into; anger, apathy & annoyance. They only require one to grab hold and react, which are tangible things to the mind.

On the other hand, compassion, empathy & love are often perceived as much more difficult because of their slightly more abstract concepts of letting go and surrender. These emotions merely require presence.


Journey with Yourself

It’s important to take yourself on a journey through your mind sometimes, be it a more serious spring cleaning of releasing thoughts & old patterns that no longer serve a purpose, or a phantasmagorical journey through your imagination.


Listening to Your Heart

Listen to your heartbeat.
Listen to it’s poetry.
Hear it’s humming vibrations
pumping blood just for you.
Feel the liquid life flowing–
nourishing each organ,
painting each vein.
Each thumping rhythm
is a blessing of epic proportions–
one more moment of experiencing
this thing called living.
Listen to your heartbeat.
Listen to it’s poetry.
Hear the sacred music
just for you.
Feel it’s holy waters
& spirit
blossoming your gardens of time.


Perfect Illusion

Perfect is an illusion in our human realm. Nobody is, nor was completely perfect. But when we move through the process of rebirth, we become perfect & imperfect simultaneously.


Hard to Tell

Sometimes it is hard to tell when we are getting into past thought patterns/negative thought patterns.

However, it is easy to tell once we engage such thoughts by simply asking why.

Hell, a good practice to get into is asking “why” with most of yourthoughts and just keep asking “why” for five minutes or so. This gives your mind a chance to run around like a dog that’s excited to be outside after having been cooped up most of the day. Also this should tire the mind a little, which in turn makes it easier to sit with oneself in silence…


Obstacle of Nothing

Sometimes the easiest, yet most difficult thing to do is nothing.

Nothing often requires a letting go/ surrendering to the pressent. But our minds don’t always make it easy. I think this is where focused based meditations like Vipassana or Transcendental Meditation are useful.


Emotional Weight

It might surprise some of all of the things that weigh it down not just physically but emotionally mentally and spiritually as well. Each day we move through many facets of emotion, many facets of living. In five minutes one could conceivably run the gamut on the emotional spectrum. This is where meditation can prove to be beneficial.



Self-Love Yourself

Self love exists in many different forms, and also differentiates itself between each individual. But we know it when we feel it. What might be a self love for one person might not be for another.


A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Mariner

Sometimes now is a challenging place to be. It’s not always going to be complete serenity and surrendering to bliss.

Sometimes the mind is especially loud in thoughts and distractions, which is ok. The key is not becoming frustrated, because that gives your mind thoughts more power. Sometimes when we are in now, old traumas or hurtful thoughts may arise, or maybe present traumas may come to surface. Again, this is ok too, as it shows one is ready to process and move through these thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, etc. Acknowledging and accepting they exist is a HUGE and quite profound step, but it is not the only step. One still needs to embrace and release these thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, etc. If one is unable to do this with themselves, that too is alright because this is where the talking kind of therapy could be beneficial, should other means of appropriate release not be helping.


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