Mellow the Mind

Our minds swim in a massive sea of data. Part of our mind’s function is to amass and collect data, but because human mind’s are slightly more developed than most animal brains, our minds also create new data, the what-if’s and if only’s. Thus, our minds can sustain itself and it’s so called mission/purpose by generating tons and tons of alternate scenarios that ultimately take us out of the present. And here’s where it gets kinda crazy. Our minds often do this because the present can be more overwhelming, especially if you look at it from the mind’s perspective of taking in taking in taking in new information after new information after new information. In the time I’ve typed that up, my mind has taken in approximately 100 million bits of data on average just through the optic nerves (that is if the average retina takes in 10 million bits per second).

So the mind, in order to feel a little bit more in control, creates these alternate scenarios which in turn either distract or overwhelm us from feeling overwhelmed by the present. Meditation is just sitting in the present, and training your mind to do so so it can see the present isn’t all that bad most of the time. Sometimes, for some people, the present moment is shit. That cannot be argued. Sometimes the present is terrifying because some come face to face with their own mortality. Others might go deeper and wander around the existential desert for a bit. But if they have the training of meditation behind them, even those things don’t seem so scary. Meditation isn’t about being oblivious or ignoring the scary, it allows us to accept that it exists and it allows us to be in it. And after time, maybe it doesn’t seem so scary any more because we’ve been in it enough times, and then… MAYBE, maybe… our minds realize that we don’t have to be constantly taking in information, or at least not to the same extreme levels. 


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